Chatwithme: The Most Secure AI Chatbot

What is Chatwithme?

Chatwithme is an AI chat robot tool created by Kieran Gill. Users can directly chat with OpenAI without logging in. It is easy to use; Chatwithme also has high security and privacy, and users’ chat records can only be accessed by themselves. Visible to OpenAI; at the same time, it also provides many personalized settings for users to customize and choose, which is powerful.

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Chatwithme Functions

  • Provide chat service: Chatwithme can allow users to communicate directly with OpenAI without logging in.
  • High security: Chatwithme can store the user’s API on the computer, and the user’s personal information and API will not be leaked to any party other than OpenAI.
  • High privacy: the user’s chat history can be seen by himself and OpenAI, but not by anyone else, and there is no middleman when chatting.
  • Provide browser extension: users can quickly access the browser to find content in Chatwithme.
  • Offers personalization: users can customize the look and feel of your ChatWithMe.

Chatwithme APP

Chatwithme currently does not have a mobile app, only the web version, you can click on the Chatwithme website to chat directly, and you can use it without logging in.

Chatwithme Pricing

The price of Chatwithme is free and relatively cheap, the API only costs $0.002/1k tokens. Users only need to pay for what they use.


Is Chatwithme free?

No, but Chatwithme’s price is free and cheap, users only pay for what they use.

Is Chatwithme safe?

Chatwithme’s security is very high, users’ chat records can be seen by themselves and OpenAI, but not by anyone else, and there is no middleman when chatting.

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