AutoResponder.AI: Your Personal Autoresponder Assistant

What is

Meet, the friendly app that helps you send automatic chat replies on your favorite messaging platforms. Whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Signal, or Viber, has got you covered. You can set up personalized rules for different messages or even use a single rule for out-of-office replies. Plus, with unlimited messaging and the ability to connect with web servers or other AI tools like ChatGPT/GPT-3/GPT-4… and Dialogflow AI, you’ll find that staying in touch has never been easier. Give a try and experience a new level of stress-free communication!

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LinkedIn Features

  • Automatic chat replies to your favorite messengers
  • Unlimited auto-messaging
  • Custom rules for different messages
  • API/webhook connections
  • Connect to ChatGPT or Dialogflow AI
  • And much more Applications

  • Streamlining customer support with instant replies
  •  Automating responses to frequently asked questions
  •  Managing out-of-office messages and other time-sensitive replies
  •  Personalizing messages for specific contacts or groups
  •  Integrating with third-party services for extended functionality

How to Use

  1. Visit and browse the available AutoResponders for your preferred messaging platform
  2. Click the “Get on Google Play” link to download the app from Google Play
  3. Install the app on your device
  4. Open the app and configure your desired settings, such as custom replies, rules, and exceptions
  5. Enable with the switch at the top to activate the automated responses. That’s it!

How to Register and Log in to

  1. No registration or login required for
  2. Simply download and install the app from Google Play
  3. Start using the tool immediately Pricing








Basic features available for free. Even most premium features with the “Use for free” button within any rule

Additional features and customization options


What messengers does AutoResponder support?

Supported messengers are:WhatsApp、Facebook Messenger、Instagram、Telegram、Signal、Viber.

Is there an iOS version of AutoResponder?

No, AutoResponder is only available on Android. iOS currently doesn’t support automatic messenger replies.

What Android devices are supported?

All AutoResponders work on devices with Android 7 and up. AutoResponder for WhatsApp even supports Android 5 and 6.Android Go devices with Android 8.1, 9 or 10 are NOT supported. These are typically devices with less than 1 GB of RAM and not able to grant notification access. When trying they will show something like “This feature is not available on this device.”.

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