AIDA: Smart Chat Assistant for iPhone

What is AIDA?

AIDA is an AI chatbot for iOS. AIDA has 40 fine-tuned templates that generate unique, human-like answers to questions users ask. Whether writing blog posts, emails, social posts or product introductions, AIDA can find answers for users. In addition to writing, AIDA can also help users with language translation, image generation, and even code generation. AIDA is not only a chat tool, but also a productivity tool.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Chat bot
Developer(s): AIDA

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AIDA Functions

  • Question answering: AIDA can answer questions raised by users.
  • Article writing: AIDA can help users write articles.
  • Language translation: AIDA has a translation function to help users translate.
  • Image generation: AIDA can also generate images based on keywords.
  • Code generation: AIDA can also help users generate the code they need.


AIDA App is a client provided by AIDA for mobile users. Currently, it is only applicable to the iOS system, and users can download it in the App Store.

AIDA Pricing

AIDA is free software, anyone can go to the App Store to download and use.


What is AIDA?

AIDA is an AI intelligent chatbot that can generate unique, human-like answers to questions asked by users.

Is AIDA free?

Yes, AIDA is free.

Can android use AIDA?

No, AIDA is exclusively for iOS system.

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