Addy AI: AI Helps You Quickly Draft Emails

What is Addy AI?

Addy AI is an extension that uses AI to write emails for you. With the rapid popularization of informatization, more and more people use e-mails to communicate, which leads to a sharp increase in the number of e-mails, which are complicated and difficult to manage. The existence of Addy AI greatly relieves your need for The annoyance of responding to the overwhelming volume of emails. Addy AI can intelligently imitate your tone or the attitude you want to express, whether it is friendly, uninterested, formal, informal, etc. to complete drafting your email, saving several times than writing it yourself More than time.

Price: Free
Tag: AI writer
Developer(s): Addy AI

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Addy AI Functions

  • Easy and fast: All you need to do is set your tone and speaking style, and Addy AI will draft in seconds.
  • More humane: The reason why Addy AI is chosen is that it can reply emails in a way that is closer to the user’s personality or more humane, not just mechanical typesetting.
  • Intelligent: Addy AI will draft the appropriate reply email content according to the context of the email to be replied. No matter what your identity is, using Addy AI will greatly guarantee the quality of your email and complete email writing efficiently , increasing your productivity.

Addy AI App

Addy AI App is a browser extension, you can download Addy AI to your Chrome extension

Addy AI Pricing

There is no charge and it provides free service to all users.


Is Addy AI free?

Yes, it’s free for anyone to use.

How does Addy AI protect my privacy?

Your email address is only used for identity verification, we will not share your information with third parties for any purpose.

Can Addy AI reply quickly?

Yes. Addy AI works like a ChatGPT email writer to finish editing your emails quickly.

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