HTTPie: User-Friendly Curl Alternatives

What is HTTPie?

HTTPie is a powerful and easy-to-use command-line HTTP client released in 2017, which provides an easy-to-use command-line HTTP client that offers a command-line interface very similar to cURL, and is much easier to use than other commonly used HTTP clients such as cURL, Insomnia Rest Client and Postman Alternatives are much easier to use. It is written in Python, is an open source project, and has open source code on GitHub.

Price: Free
Tags: CLI http client
Release Time: 2017
Developers: HTTPie
Users: 129K

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HTTPie Features

HTTPie has the following features.

  • User-friendly command line interface, easy to use and learn.
  • Supports multiple data formats such as JSON, XML, etc.
  • Automatic formatting of response data to make it easy to read.
  • Support for common web features such as HTTPS, proxies, authentication, etc.
  • Support for persistent sessions that can maintain state between multiple requests.

HTTPie Functions

  • Sending HTTP requests (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.)
  • Set request headers, request body, URL parameters, etc.
  • Support Cookie management and Session management
  • Support file upload and download. Support formatted output of response data

HTTPie's Registration Login Method

Users can get the source code of HTTPie on GitHub or install HTTPie in the terminal using the pip command.

HTTPie Price

HTTPie is a free and open source project that users can use without paying any fees. Also, since it is open source, users are free to modify and distribute the source code of HTTPie.

HTTPie Download

Users can download HTTPie in the following ways.

HTTPie Reviews

WORLD PRASANNA: Never thought file upload would be as simple as this

FLATBOOK: I love httpie. That’s all.

ABHAY BHARGAVA: Not kidding, but I think I literally saved 10 hours this week using HTTPie instead of curl.


What is HTTPie AI?

HTTPie AI is an AI assistant that makes it easier to use HTTPie by suggesting commands and providing autocomplete suggestions.

What is the difference between HTTPie and cURL?

HTTPie and cURL are both command-line HTTP clients, but HTTPie has a more user-friendly command-line interface, supports multiple data formats and web features, and automatically formats response data.

What are the tabs in HTTPie?

The tabs in HTTPie provide access to different features, such as HTTP methods, library context menu, and cURL input mode.

Does HTTPie support a graphical interface?

HTTPie only supports the command line interface.

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