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What is BedtimeStory.AI? is an easy-to-use bedtime story generation tool, which can write unique and interesting bedtime stories in seconds according to user-defined input. takes the stress out of parents putting their kids to sleep and enriches kids’ imaginations. Just come to to create your own bedtime story with one click!

Price: Free or starting $8.25/mo
Tag: AI Stroy Creator,AI Story Generator
Release Time: 2022
Developers: BedtimeStory

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Features of BedtimeStory.AI

  • Fast and Easy: generates a new story in seconds.
  • Custom-Written Stories: Users can customize personalized stories by giving key information such as story characters and plots.
  • Engaging Story Content: generates stories that are unique and entertaining, sparking children’s imaginations.

How to use

  1. Visit the official website and click “Get started now” to login your account.
  2. Enter the main page, you can see the previously generated examples, capabilities and limitations given by below the text box.
  3. Enter the various elements of the story you want to generate in the text box, such as story theme, characters, and plot.
  4. Once entered, click Generate Story.
  5. will generate a unique bedtime story for you with corresponding pictures
  6. You can edit the generated story by clicking “Edit Story” at the end of the story
  7. Read the resulting story for bedtime entertainment.

In addition, you can click here to enter’s library and read a variety of bedtime stories.

How to login account?

  1. Visit the official website and click “Get started now” to login your account.
  2. Directly choose to log in with your Google or Apple account.
You don’t need to sign up for a account, just log in with your Google or Apple account.
图片6 Pricing


7-Day Free Trial

Alpha Pro




$9.99/month billed monthly or $8.25/month billed annually



  • 2 personalized AI generated Stories
  • 1 image per story
  • AI images default style
  • Access to +6000 stories in Library
  • Access to all Authors
  • Share stories with unique URL anywhere on the internet
  • BedtimeStory Branding

Everything in Trial, plus:

  • Additional story formats
  • 5 images per story
  • AI images multiple styles
  • Re-generate AI images
  • Profile/stories in Private Mode
  • Delete your stories from library
  • Own the rights to stories & images
  • Customer Support

Alpha PRO, plus:

  • Unlimited AI images
  • Create your own image style
  • Analytics on your stories
  • Export stories in different formats
  • 1-year membership to our community of PRO Authors
  • Premium Customer Support


What is is a tool that generates personalized bedtime stories in seconds. It creates custom bedtime stories based on information and options provided by the user.

What languages does support? can generate stories in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

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