Maimovie: Personal AI Search Assistant for Movie & TV Show

What is Maimovie?

Maimovie is a platform provided by Mycelebs that makes full use of AI technology to easily discover movies and TV shows that meet user preferences. On this APP, you don’t need to worry about spending a lot of time looking for new content, and you don’t need to be bored because there are no episodes; you don’t need to be troubled by your blank mind. When Maimovie gets enough information from you, it can realize the relationship with you. With a high degree of adaptation, it becomes the AI movie and TV program search software that understands you best.

Price: Free
Tag: AI Search
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Maimovie Features

  • Maimovie helps you broaden your streaming experience by searching for content based on your mood or environment at the moment
  • AI can recognize the keywords you speak and find the results that you want ; if you don’t know what to search for, there are 14k+ keywords for you to choose from
  • Check the ranking of movies and TV shows in real time, so that you can find popular movies that are more in line with your taste
  • Maimovie can provide you with an unlimited number of personal recommendations based on your preferences
  • Maimovie can meet all the information you want to know about the movie
  • Maimovie can provide you with a platform to watch dramas across the United States

Price of Maimovie

Free for anyone to use

Maimovie APP

Maimovie is an application that users need to download on their mobile phone or tablet to use it. You can download it from the App Store or Google play


Does Maimovie need to pay?

No, Maimovie is free and anyone can use it

Will Maimovie disclose personal information?

No, all the information collected by Maimovie is only used to improve and enhance the service, and will not use or disclose your privacy to anyone.

What information does Maimovie need to know about me?

Location information, log data, cookies, etc.

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