Beehelp-assistant: The AI ​​Search Assistant That Provides The Best Answers


What is Beehelp-assistant?

BeeHelp Assistant is an intelligent search engine based on ChatGPT API. BeeHelp Assistant is designed to provide users with quick and accurate answers to their questions. BeeHelp Assistant is not only free, but also easy to operate and can use multiple languages, which provides great convenience for users.

Price: Free
Tag: AI search assistant
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Beehelp-assistant Functions

  • Search engine: You can ask Beehelp-assistant anything you want to know, and Beehelp-assistant will quickly give relatively correct and objective answers.
  • Chat assistant: Beehelp-assistant can also act as a chat robot, you can chat with it.
  • Support multiple languages: Beehelp-assistant supports multiple languages, you can use any language you like.

Beehelp-assistant APP

Beehelp-assistant currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version. If you are interested in Beehelp-assistant, you can go to Beehelp-assistant website to experience its powerful functions.

Beehelp-assistant Pricing

Beehelp-assistant is free to use, anyone can ask questions and chat with Beehelp-assistant, but there are certain restrictions; Beehelp-assistant also provides an unlimited PREMIUM plan, which needs to be paid according to usage:








  • Add up to 100 FAQs
  • Questions can contain up to 20 words
  • Answers can contain up to 120 words
  • Up to 100 replies per day
  • Add up to 10,000FAQs
  • Questions can contain up to 40 words
  • Answers can contain up to 240 words
  • Unlimited
  • Generate personalized answers


Is Beehelp-assistant free?

Yes, Beehelp-assistant is free to use, although there are certain restrictions, but it will not have a big impact, the free service is also very powerful.

Can Beehelp-assistant speak its own language?

Of course you can use your own language.

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