Andi: Conversational AI Search Engine

What is Andi?

Andi is a conversational search engine created by Angela Hoover in 2021. Not only can Andi provide answers to questions, but it also displays the sources of information for the answers. The Andi search page does not contain any advertisements and aims to provide a safe and efficient online environment, offering only useful information to users. Additionally, Andi doubles as a chatbot, allowing users to chat with it as they would with a friend.

Price: Free
Tag: AI search engine
Release time: 2021
Developer(s): Andi
Users: 383K

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Andi Functions

  • Answering questions: Andi can quickly answer questions asked by users
  • Summary information: Andi can summarize long information or explain certain words for users
  • Browsing and searching the web: Andi will search the entire web to find the information users need

How to Use Andi?

Using Andi does not require registration or login. Simply visit the Andi website, enter your question in the input box, and wait a moment for Andi to provide an answer. Unlike traditional search engines, Andi provides a direct answer on the left side of the screen and displays the source of the answer on the right side, without any advertisements. Currently, Andi’s results are free from any distracting ads.

Andi Pricing

Andi is free, anyone can ask Andi any questions

Andi Reviews

Karl: Andi’s search page is very clean, without any ads, that’s what I like the most.

Doreen: Andi is a chat robot, I ask Andi to accompany me when I am bored.

Elva: The information provided by Andi is basically accurate, very good!


What is Andi?

Andi is a conversational search engine where you can search for questions and Andi will give you the answers. Andi is also a chat robot, just like ChatGPT, you can also chat with it.

Do I need to register an account to ask Andi a question?

No need to register, just enter the website and ask questions directly.

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