Promptplays: One-Stop Ai Tool Access Management Platform

What is Promptplays?

Promptplays is a platform for AI automation management and quick access to App. Users can download dozens of intelligent AI tools for free on this platform, including improving writing, simplifying product documents, improving email responses, speeding up project planning, text mind maps, GPT clipping text, simplifying shell commands, improving marketing documents, and quickly drafting Tools for business documents, HR document generation, and more. Users can not only download and use it for free on this platform, but also perform efficient application management and use AI tools without going through cumbersome steps.

Price: Starting free
Tag: Prompt Guides
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Promptplays

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Promptplays Functions

  • The one-stop management AI application platform can be used without cumbersome operations.
  • Multi-AI application management aggregation, free application easy download experience.
  • Use a large language model to extract and integrate App shortcuts, and introduce conversion functions directly into the operating system.

Promptplays APP

Promptplays currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version. Apple users can follow the link below to install and activate the product.

Promptplays Pricing

The service provided by Promptplays is not free, and the official website has not announced a clear price, but the tool currently offers a free trial.


How do I get my PromptPlay on the market?

Users can fill in the user information at the bottom of the PromptPlay market page to register, and PromptPlay will automatically send the product to the user’s mailbox.

Does PromptPlays only work on Apple devices?

Yes, currently, PromptPlays is only available for Apple devices. They are designed for use with the Apple Shortcuts app, which is only available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

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