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What is Unwritten?

“Unwritten” is an interactive story game that places you at the helm of your destiny. Developed by Milkshake Games Inc., this game offers a variety of storylines ranging from romantic adventures to high school dramas, each with a unique twist. What sets “Unwritten” apart is its emphasis on real story branching and multiple endings, allowing players to truly craft their narrative. The game’s character development is significantly influenced by player choices, affecting not only the plot but also relationships and the character’s moral compass. Whether you choose to uphold your ethos or delve into love games and fantasies, “Unwritten” offers a rich, immersive experience that challenges players to ponder the consequences of their decisions.

Unwritten Details

Key Features of Unwritten

  • Diverse Storylines: From taboo tales of power plays to high school dramas and fantasy adventures.
  • Character Customization: Allows players to personalize their avatar and shine in their chosen storyline.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Engage in mini-games and hidden object puzzles to advance the story.
  • Multiple Endings: Choices impact not just the plot but also character relationships and moral standing.
  • Regular Updates: New stories and chapters added regularly, offering fresh content and genres.
  • Visual Novel Format: Full visual novels available immediately, providing a rich narrative experience.
  • Unique Genres: Stories range from business and pleasure to paranormal and self-discovery themes.

Pricing of Unwritten

  1. Base Game: Available for free, providing access to various storylines and features.
  2. In-App Purchases: Options to purchase special items, character enhancements, and exclusive content.
  3. Story Chapters: Some chapters or storylines may require purchase for full access.
  4. Regular Updates: New content may be available for free or as part of in-app purchases.

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