Paymefy: AI Debt Collection Assistant

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What is Paymefy?

Paymefy is an AI-driven debt collection tool developed by Quim Gallart and Guillem Sarle in 2019. It can make one-click payment by notifying customers who need to collect debts through various channels, helping to reduce operating costs and speed up debt collection. Time to collect debts. Paymefy can also analyze customers to quickly find out why customers do not pay, and try to use specific feedback forms to collect until customers pay their debts.

Price: Paid
Tag: Finance
Release time: 2019
Developer(s): Paymefy

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Paymefy Functions

  • High collection rate: Paymefy’s one-click payment solution helps collect payments and cut debt management time by up to two months.
  • Automation: Paymefy creates notification sequences that intelligently influence your customers through different online channels until payment is completed.
  • Reduced costs: In addition to time, the automation of default management processes can save you tens of thousands of dollars in operating costs.

Paymefy APP

Paymefy currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version. If you are interested in this software, you can also go to the Paymefy website to experience its powerful functions.

Paymefy Pricing

The service provided by Paymefy is not free, but there is no clear pricing at present. If there is an update in the future, users will be notified as soon as possible.


Is Paymefy free?

It is currently paid for use, but the specific tariff standard will be notified to users in the future.

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