Arival Bank: The World's Top Cross-border Digital Bank

What is Arival Bank?

Arival Bank is a digital fintech bank that aims to serve modern companies around the world. It offers fully online USD and multi-currency bank accounts, international payments, and more. Arival Bank caters to small businesses, GIG and cryptocurrency-related SMEs by partnering with fintech companies to provide a full suite of services, aiming to provide cross-border banking by providing services globally. Arival Bank simplifies business financial needs with all the most popular fintechs on one platform.

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Tag: Digital Bank
Developer: Arival Bank
Release time: 2018
User: 27K

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Arival Bank Function

  • Deposit, send and receive USD payments digitally around the world
  • Multiple accounts can be opened for multiple entities using the same dashboard
  • Offers a business checking account for operational purposes
  • Accounts can be used globally
  • You can invite and set up your financial team yourself

How to register your account?

  1. Go to the official website of Arival Bank.
  2. Click Sign up in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Select the type of account you want to register, personal account or business account.
  4. Fill in the residential address, the type of currency used, name, email and other information.

Arival Bank Pricing

Arival Premium automatically accrues when you make a deposit. You can also choose Premium as your pricing plan and enjoy its benefits immediately upon approval, or automatically qualify for the relevant Premium plan once your 3-month average balance meets the criteria. The specific information is in the table below, and for more information, please visit the official website.





Required Average Balance





Onboarding Fee





Monthly Service Fee


No fee

No fee

No fee

Account Opening Time (Business days)





Domestic Wires






What is Arival?

Arival Bank is a licensed and fully regulated digital bank headquartered in the United States. Arival Bank specializes in servicing underbanked businesses.

Is Arival Bank a global bank?

Yes, he is a global bank providing services worldwide.

Can individuals register for an account?

Yes, but relevant documents must be provided for approval.

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