10Web:The Must-Have AI Assistant For Building Websites

What is 10Web?

10Web is a WordPress hosting and optimization platform driven by AI technology, which can help users improve website performance through a variety of AI tools. It provides an AI Builder that can quickly build websites, and can automatically create web pages with rich content including text and images in a short time, and also allows users to add more interfaces through AI. 10Web also offers hosting services, which combine Google Cloud-based hosting facilities with AI tools and AI services to create a powerful hosting solution. In addition, it has a PageSpeed ​​booster that helps to increase web page loading speed and improve web page performance.

Price: Starting $14
Tag: AI website construction
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10Web Functions

  • 10Web uses AI to help users build or rebuild any website in minutes, and allows users to customize the website.
  • 10Web provides an AI assistant and add-ons for major WordPress plugins such as Yoast, Classic Editor, etc., to meet the various needs of users as much as possible.
  • 10Web provides users with software hosting services to host your website on WordPress hosting.
  • 10Web provides a PageSpeed Booster to help users optimize their website to get a PageSpeed score of 90+, so that the website has better performance.
  • 10Web provides 24/7 live chat consultation service, always ready to answer any questions for users.

10Web App

10Web provides users with a web version, allowing users to use it online. If you want to build your website better, then 10Web will be your indispensable tool.

10Web Pricing

The prices of different 10Web tools are different, and users can choose according to their own needs. The specific content is as follows.






1 website

3 websites

10 websites


$20 /mo

$48 /mo

$85 /mo

Pagespeed Booster

$14 /mo

$35 /mo

$85 /mo

AI assistant

$20 /mo

$60 /mo

$200 /mo


What is 10Web?

10Web is an AI WordPress hosting and optimization platform, which can help users improve website performance through a variety of AI tools.

What is the function of 10Web's Pagespeed Booster?

Pagespeed Booster can help users optimize their website to obtain a PageSpeed ​​score of 90+, get faster loading speed, and make the website have better performance.

How is 10Web priced?

10Web’s different tools are priced differently. The starting price of Platform is $20/mo, the starting price of Pagespeed Booster is $14/mo, and the starting price of AI assistant is $20/mo.

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