Praxy-ai: AI Assistant Tool for Students

What is Praxy-ai?

Praxy-ai is an artificial intelligence learning tool for students. Users can use Praxy-ai to conduct artificial intelligence searches, upload summary, analysis, and interpretation of notes, and create stage quizzes and organize notes. Users can create toolkits according to their usage habits, easily summarize their common tools, and find them more quickly when they use them next time. Praxy-ai focuses on the learning effect of students, and the learning efficiency of students who have used this tool has been greatly improved.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI Assisted Learning
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Praxy-ai

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Praxy-ai Functions

  • Users only need to mark the key points, and leave the rest of the summary, explanation, and quiz to Praxy-ai.
  • Praxy-ai can find the notes that have been recorded very quickly, no longer need to search one by one slowly.
  • Users can create smart toolkits according to their own needs, and Praxy-ai can integrate functions.

Praxy-ai APP

Praxy-ai currently does not have a mobile app, only a web plug-in version, which users can download from the Chrome app store.

Praxy-ai Pricing

Praxy-ai is available for free, but some features may require subscription fees or in-app purchases, the following are its subscription purchase fees:





$0 /mo

$9.99 /mo


  • Full Access to AI Quick Search
  • Full Access to AI Quick Summarize
  • Full Access to AI Quick Paraphrase
  • All Free Plan Features +
  • AI Tutor: ChatGPT for Students
  • Quick Templates: Essays, Outlines, Emails, Etc.
  • AI Notes: Smart Web Highlighting + Generate Content With
  • AI Quick Explain: Explain Any Text In 1 Click
  • AI Quiz Creator: Create Quizzes In 1 Click


Is Praxy-ai free?

Praxy-ai has packages for users to use, and customers can purchase packages on demand.

Using Praxy-ai, is the user's privacy guaranteed?

At Praxy-ai, all personal privacy of users is managed by users.

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