HeyScience: AI Paper Research Assistant

What is HeyScience?

HeyScience is an artificial intelligence assistant that helps users read documents and research papers. It can help researchers read and summarize huge and complicated documents and scientific research papers, and help researchers focus on research work. HeyScience can not only extract key information from long papers, but also discover the latest research trends from massive data searches. HeyScience helps researchers to share the time-consuming paper research work, so that researchers can concentrate on scientific research, improve scientific research efficiency, and have more time and energy to develop new things.

Price: Starting Free
Tag: AI Thesis Research Assistant
Developer(s): HeyScience SA

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HeyScience Functions

  • HeyScience helps users discover the latest research trends through massive data analysis.
  • HeyScience can help users summarize key information from complex articles.
  • HeyScience can help users find the literature they need.
  • HeyScience can help users analyze and summarize literature.
  • HeyScience allows users to search for articles published by specific researchers.

HeyScience App

Currently HeyScience only provides the Web version, allowing users to use it online. You can go to the HeyScience website to learn more.

HeyScience Pricing

HeyScience is currently free to apply for, and the subsequent charging standards are not yet clear.


Who is this primarily intended for?

Mainly for people engaged in scientific research or who need to read a lot of

Is it free?

Currently available for free.

What can it do?

It can help you analyze, organize and summarize literature.

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