Powerpresent-ai: AI Assistant to Quickly Create Beautiful resentations

What is Powerpresent-ai?

Powerpresent-ai is jointly created by Moiz Farooq, Samad Farooq, and Muhammad Jawwad Ismail, which uses AI to quickly create satisfactory presentation tools. You only need to enter the theme of your presentation, and Powerpresent-ai can create a visually appealing presentation 10 times faster. For the era of generalization of technology, people do not need to understand and use professional knowledge. Based on this Create content on it.

Price: Paid
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Developer(s): Moiz Farooq、Samad Farooq、Muhammad Jawwad Ismai

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Powerpresent-ai Functions

  • Easy and fast: You only need to input the theme of your presentation, and AI can create a visually attractive presentation 10 times faster, without professional knowledge and design methods, which not only saves time but also makes your presentation more unique quality.
  • Various art styles: There are many art styles for you to choose in Powerpresent-ai to make your presentation more eye-catching, such as: low poly, cyberpunk, surreal, anime art style, Japanese animation, realism, Memphis designs, fantasy, cartoons and more to make your presentation more engaging.
  • High degree of automation: Powerpresent AI can automate the tedious parts of creating a first draft of a presentation, such as finding images and generating content. You can then easily customize the slideshow to suit your branding and style.

Powerpresent-ai App

For online use only, no mobile app is provided. If you are interested in it, you can enter Powerpresent-ai to experience its powerful functions.

Powerpresent-ai Pricing

Project (1 credit = 1 presentation)



Pay as you go

$1 (per 1 credit)

Only pay for what you need - buy credits as you go

Point pack

$10 (per 15 credits)

Create 15 presentations for the price of 10


Does the use of Powerpresent-ai require professional knowledge?

Unnecessary. AI will complete complex and tedious parts instead of you, and help you design.

Is Powerpresent-ai free to use?

No, you need to make a purchase before you can use it.

Is the presentation designed by Powerpresent-ai of high quality?

Paired with high quality, it provides you with different art styles to make your presentation look more advanced.

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