Kittl: An AI Icon Design Tool Incorporating Trendy Elements

What is Kittl?

Kittl is an AI design tool designed to design original trendy icons for users. Kittl has a variety of logo design templates, trendy color design versions, automatic image cropping functions, unique design fonts, rich and colorful image resources, and more. When you lack icon design inspiration, you can use Kittl to inspire your design inspiration. When you need to complete the icon design work in a short time, you can also use Kittl to help you complete the icon design work quickly. When you want to add some more novel elements to your design works, you can also find more creative elements in Kittl’s accessories resource library.

Price: Starting Free
Tag: AI design
Developer(s): Kittl

Kittl Autoslide


Kittl Functions

  • Provide rich and colorful design templates: Kittl can provide users with rich and characteristic templates, which reduces the burden on the design process.
  • Provide a characteristic and comprehensive resource library: Kittl provides users with a variety of design resources, such as characteristic design fonts, text decoration resources, an illustration library with thousands of illustrations, and icons of various shapes.
  • Provide precise matching design: Kittl provides users with personalized design solutions according to their design needs and concepts.
  • Form rich and diverse images: Kittl can generate various types of ingenious images through user descriptions.

Kittl App

Kittl provides users with a web version, allowing users to use it online. If you are interested in it, go to the official website to learn more!

Kittl Pricing

Kittl offers users four pricing plans.












  • Low-res image export
  • Work on 100 projects
  • 50MB Upload space

  • Kittl AI (20 credits/mo)
  • All premium templates
  • Unlimited vector exports

  • Kittl AI+ (100 credits/mo)
  • All premium templates
  • Unlimited vector exports
  • Unlimited projects

  • Up to 5 users in one account
  • Full Expert Accounts included
  • Advanced customer support
  • Branding & team features


Does Kittl offer a free trial service?

Yes, Kittl offers users a free trial service where you can work on 100 projects.

How long does Kittl wait to generate icons?

Kittl can do the icon generation for you in seconds.

In addition to automatically generating icons, can users customize icons?

Users can also customize the design of icons according to their own needs.

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