Imi-prompt: AI Painting Robot That Realizes Your Whimsy

What is Imi-prompt?

Imi-prompt is an AI artwork generator, which helps users find the suitable type among thousands of art styles and create them. The user’s one-click operation and highly personal artwork are also deeply loved by users . At the same time, the software is often updated and upgraded to effectively ensure the fun of users without being boring.

Price: Free
Tag: Prompt Guides
Developer(s): Imi-prompt

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Imi-prompt Functions

  • Users can arbitrarily choose colors and objects from thousands of art styles until a user-satisfied artwork is constructed.
  • The software is regularly updated to ensure the novelty of user creation and give users more inspiration for artistic creation.
  • The app is designed to be simple and easy to use without explanation, and you only need to write down your ideas, choose an art style and you are done.

Imi-prompt App

Imi-prompt is an application software developed for mobile users, and the APP can be downloaded to mobile devices of iOS system and Android system for use.

Imi-prompt Pricing

Imi-prompt is provided free of charge, and users can open their minds to create more shocking works according to their own creativity.


What will the user's information be used for?

Imi-prompt improves, enhances and expands Imi-prompt’s website based on user information, and analyzes and makes deeper user-favorite products based on user needs.

Is Imi-prompt free?

Imi-prompt is completely free and has no constraints on creating your work.

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