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What is Fabrie?

Fabrie is an online AI design assistant tool created by Dabo in 2021 that caters to the design needs of every design team. It allows users to create design projects, automatically tracks project progress, and supports collaboration among multiple team members, promoting teamwork. Fabrie helps users capture their design ideas, integrate the entire design process, and streamline various design phases, thereby enhancing design efficiency. It is an essential AI tool for designers.

Price: Free
Tag: AI design assistant
Release time: 2021
Developer(s): Fabrie

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Fabrie Functions

  • Fabrie allows users to mark their ideas with different colors and records the entire design process for them.
  • Fabrie is able to connect everything together such as images, screenshots, links and notes etc.
  • Fabrie allows users to put reference content and project plan in the same framework, easily list all tasks and detailed requirements.
  • Fabrie helps users manage files effectively.
  • Fabrie allows users to track document updates and assign to-do items to team members.
  • Fabrie helps users run through the entire design process and track the completion of design projects.

Fabrie App

Fabrie APP is a computer-side application provided by Fabrie for users. It is suitable for MacOS system and Windows system. Users can download it from Fabrie’s official website.

Fabrie Pricing

At present, Fabrie is free of charge, and any user can use it freely.


Does Fabrie support team work?

Certainly! Fabrie allows multiple people to work on the same project, promoting teamwork.

How to download Fabrie?

To download Fabrie, you need to enter its official website, then click “Download”, then select the operating system used by your computer, and click to download.

Can Fabrie automatically document the design process?

Yes, Fabrie can help users record every step in the design process in detail.

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