Dreamlife: An AI Home Design Assistant That Can Change The Room Style With One Click

What is Dreamlife?

Dreamlife is an AI-powered home design tool that allows users to preview what a room would look like with a different interior design style. Users can simply upload a photo of their existing room to Dreamlife, and the tool will present the room photo with a new interior design style. Dreamlife allows users to experiment with various elements such as wall color, style, sofa, carpet, and more to find inspiration for their room design and help them find their ideal room design.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI design
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Dreamlife

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Dreamlife Functions

  • Home design assistance: Dreamlife allows users to change the wall color, style, sofa, carpet and other elements that have an important impact on the room to help users find their ideal room layout
  • Provide decoration inspiration: Dreamlife helps users find inspiration to create the perfect room layout through continuous experimentation
  • Simple operation: users only need to move their fingers to change the room in the photo into a new style with one click
  • Reduce costs: Dreamlife can easily change the room style with the help of AI technology, which reduces the cost of trial and error for users to try new room styles
  • Support sharing: Dreamlife allows users to share their favorite design styles

Dreamlife App

Dreamlife is an AI home design assistance tool. It is a mobile application, but it is only available for the iOS system, and users can download it in the App Store.

Dreamlife Pricing

Dreamlife allows users to download for free. However, Dreamlife also provides some paid services in the app. The prices of paid services vary, and the specific price depends on your needs.


What is Dreamlife?

Dreamlife is an AI-powered home design aid that allows users to preview what a room will look like after it’s been restyled.

Can Dreamlife be used on Android?

No, Dreamlife is only available for trial on the iOS system.

Is Dreamlife free to use?

Sure! Dreamlife offers both paid and free services.

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