CookAIfood: A Revolutionary AI Cooking Assistant

What is CookAIfood?

CookAIfood is an AI assistant created by Albert Simon in 2023 to enhance your cooking experience. CookAIfood can help users generate new recipes, from formal meals to desserts, AI will give you new ideas. Not only that, CookAIfood is also developing new tools to give users more functions: making meal plans, listing shopping lists, printing recipes, calorie calculators, making meal plans, providing nutritional testing, and more. CookAIfood is a revolutionary cooking assistant for users.

Price: Starting Free
Tag: AI cooking assistant
Release time: 2023
Developer(s): CookAIfood AI

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CookAIfood Functions

  • Innovative recipes: CookAIfood can give users surprising recipe suggestions.
  • Simple operation: CookAIfood can give users a unique recipe with just a few simple steps.
  • Support sharing: users can share their favorite recipes to the community and communicate with each other.
  • More Features: Make Meal Plans, Make Shopping Lists, Print Recipes, Calorie Calculator, Create Meal Plans, Provide Nutritional Testing, and More.

CookAIfood App

CookAIfood currently does not have a mobile app, it provides a web version for users to use. If you are also a cooking enthusiast, welcome to the official website to learn more.

CookAIfood Pricing

CookAIfood has free services and paid services, as shown in the following table.



Basic package

Advanced package

Premium package












What is CookAIfood?

CookAIfood is an AI assistant that enhances your cooking experience.

Is CookAIfood free?

CookAIfood provides free use and paid services.

Who founded CookAIfood?

The founder of CookAIfood is Albert Simon.

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