Efficient AI Data Processing Assistant

What is is an online AI tool created by Brad that assists users in handling complex data. It automatically segments file content into different blocks and processes them one by one, while also incorporating human review in areas where AI technology may fall short. also allows users to specify quality standards and prioritize processing tasks to ensure high-quality data processing results. Not only can process ordinary document data, but it can also review and process unstructured data such as images and videos.

Price: Paid
Tag: AI data processor
Release time: None
Developer(s): Super AI


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  • can use AI technology to decompose complex files into multiple small parts for easy data processing.
  • uses AI technology to help users conduct data review. Where AI technology may not be able to cover, there are manual re-examination to ensure that the data is 100% processed.
  • can choose AI tools or do it manually according to the quality standards, key data and other information provided by users to ensure the quality of processing.
  • supports all data types, including unstructured data such as pictures, documents, videos, and audios. APP is only for online use by users, you can enter the website to experience its functions Pricing doesn’t offer a free service, but it doesn’t have a set price. usually charges $0.15~$1, depending on the amount of data the user needs to process.


What is is an AI data processor that can help users process various complex data.

What type of data can handle? is able to process all types of data, including documents, pictures, videos, etc.

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