Magical-ai: AI Conference Assistant that Improves Work Efficiency

What is Magical-ai?

Driven by AI technology, Magical-ai aims to automatically manage meetings for workers and reduce their workload. Do you often worry about not being able to fully consider the common meeting time of team members? Do your team members often fail to clarify and remember the key points and dos and don’ts of your meetings? Using Magical-ai, Magical-ai can help you solve these troublesome problems! Using artificial intelligence technology, Magical-ai can quickly and automatically generate meeting time and meeting theme for you before the meeting, and can help you quickly summarize the main points and content of your meeting after the meeting, which can help you effectively improve work efficiency and save work time.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI meeting assistant
Release time: 2020
Developer(s): Magical

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Magical-ai Functions

  • Manage team meeting time: Magical-ai can share the free time of all team members and automatically generate meeting time suitable for everyone.
  • Generate meeting content and key points: Magical-ai can quickly help you automatically generate meeting time and meeting topics before the meeting, and help you quickly summarize your meeting points and content highlights after the meeting.
  • Fast automatic generation: Whether it is generating meeting topics, meeting content or meeting highlights, Magical-ai can quickly complete it in a short time.

Magical-ai App

Magical-ai APP is a client provided for mobile users, you can go to the official website for details.

Magical-ai Pricing

Magical-ai offers three paid packages.










  • Unlimited meeting templates
  • AI Notepad
  • Meeting Time Suggestions
  • Unlimited AI Notepad
  • Unlimited Meeting Time Suggestions
  • Everything in Plus
  • Calendar review
  • Private seminar


Can Magical-ai schedule meetings based on events in the user's calendar?

Yes, Magical-ai will schedule a suitable meeting time based on the events in the user’s calendar.

Is Magical-ai free to use?

Magical-ai offers three paid plans, including a free plan, so you can use Magical-ai for free.

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