Wizi: Open Source AI Tools For Front-End Development

What is Wizi?

Wizi is an open-source AI tool for front-end development that was released in 2023. It features a code search function that allows users to quickly search React (JS/TS) code repositories using natural language. In addition to its search capabilities, Wizi also includes an AI agent that automates repetitive front-end tasks such as writing code, performing code reviews, migrating files, updating replicas, and more. This frees up developers to focus their time and energy on more valuable work.

Price: Free
Tag: AI coding
Release time: 2023
Developer(s): Wizi

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Wizi Functions

  • Wizi has a powerful code search function, which allows users to quickly search React (JS/TS) code base.
  • Wizi can automatically create new codes to extend more functions for existing applications according to user requirements.
  • Wizi can automatically review the code for errors and fix them in time.
  • Wizi can effectively clean up and refactor existing code, helping users save time.
  • Wizi can easily implement file migration, such as migrating JS to TS.
  • Wizi is able to automatically update copies or fix typos, building a consistent and accessible UI.

Wizi App

Wizi provides users with a web version that allows users to use it online. If you are interested in it, you can go to the Wizi website to learn more.

Wizi Pricing

Wizi has not yet launched an official version, but it allows users to try it for free.


What is the function of Wizi?

The functions of Wizi mainly include two parts: code search and AI agent, which allow users to quickly search React (JS/TS) code base, and can automatically complete some repetitive front-end work.

Can Wizi write code automatically?

Sure! It can help users search for code, write code automatically, review code automatically, migrate files automatically, update copies automatically, and more.

How is Wizi priced?

Wizi has not been officially launched yet, and the official pricing plan has not been announced. But currently users seem to be able to try it for free.

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