Second-home: AI Robot That Quickly Generates WEB Applications

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What is Second-home?

Second-home is a coding platform for developers that uses bots to code and make pull requests for common B2B SaaS web application features. Developers can customize the functions they want and realize them by robots, helping users quickly develop network applications, increasing the output of network engineers, and improving writing efficiency. Second also provides automatic updates to ensure that the programs written are what users want most.

Price: Starting free
Tag: Productivity
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Second-home Functions

  • Second bots provide functionality in code, so users have the flexibility to tweak those functionality using code, or even add entirely new functionality as needed.
  • Second bots interact with human engineering counterparts via GitHub requests, approve, reject, or collaborate via GitHub, and ultimately, the user is free to control which to merge and which not to merge.
  • The Second maintenance bot regularly makes pull requests to upgrade the framework, libraries, and point solution integrations.

Second-home APP

Second-home currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version. If you are interested in this software, you can also go to the Second-home website to experience its powerful functions.

Second-home Pricing

Second-home offers paid version and free version. Some functions may require subscription payment or in-app purchase. The following is its subscription purchase fee. There are two options: Starter and Pro:








  • Starter Developer Bot
  • Discord Community Support
  • Pro Developer Bot
  • Maintenance Bot
  • Dedicated Support


Is Second-home free to use?

Second-home currently has two packages. Users can use Second-home for free after registration, but some functions may be limited.

What should I do if the professional version cannot meet the demand?

Second-home also supports contacting manufacturers for software customization. Currently, it can realize functions such as custom design system, enterprise developer robot, and code review robot.

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