R.O.B: The Best AI Website Builder

What is R.O.B?

R.O.B. (Robot Of Business) is an AI tool for building commercial websites released in 2023. R.O.B can help users complete the process from only thinking about the website to building the website in a short period of time, meet the specific website usage needs of users or customers, and eliminate the obstacles encountered by users when writing websites. Users only need to provide R.O.B with some brief information about the user’s business or organization, and R.O.B can automatically create four pages of high-quality web content.

Price: Starting $10
Tag: AI Coding
Release time: 2023
Developer(s): Robot of Business

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R.O.B Functions

  • Build a website: R.O.B can help users build a business website.
  • High intelligence: users only need to input key information, R.O.B can help you build a website.
  • Breaking barriers: R.O.B can break down the barriers of web writing that require a high foundation and help you quickly build your own website.
  • Generate web page information: R.O.B can quickly generate main website information, home page, about us page, product (or service) page, contact us page.

R.O.B App

R.O.B currently does not have a mobile terminal, it provides a web version for users to use online. If you have related needs, you can go to the official website to learn more.

R.O.B Pricing

R.O.B is charged according to the number of websites built, and each complete website includes four pages (home page, about us page, product or service page, contact us page) for $10.


Can R.O.B be used commercially?

Yes, web pages written by R.O.B can be used for commercial purposes.

Is R.O.B free?

No, it is paid to use.

What can R.O.B do?

R.O.B. (Robot Of Business) is an AI tool for building business websites, which can help you build your own business web pages.

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