Codewp: Ai Code Generator Specially Trained For WordPress

What is Codewp?

Codewp is an AI code generator specially designed for code developers for code creation, training and WordPress construction. It can help novices quickly grasp and learn related issues of code creation, and can also help veterans maximize the efficiency of code creation. It saves the user from having to experiment with code that could break the site or StackOverflow. And the code can be saved or shared with other users in json format to facilitate the use of its code in other website construction or application development.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI Coding
Release time: None
Developer(s): Codewp

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Codewp Functions

  • All types of functions can be efficiently created using Codewp, and can be connected to WooCommerce for filtering and manipulation.
  • For novices, Codewp can help them learn and understand code writing like a mentor.
  • The code generated by Codewp can be exported in the common format of json, which is convenient for users to share the code.
  • Codewp supports code creation in 11 languages, lowering the threshold for code creation.

Codewp APP

Codewp currently does not have a mobile app, only a web version for users to use online. If you are interested in this software, you can also go to the Codewp website to experience its powerful functions.

Codewp Pricing

Codewp is available for free, but some features may require subscription fees or in-app purchases, the following are its subscription purchase fees:




Agency - Coming Soon






  • 10 Generations Per Month
  • General WordPress AI
  • Inline Code Explanation AI
  • Community Support
  • All Free Features Plus:
  • Unlimited Generations
  • 12+ Specially Trained AI Modes
  • Edit & Explain Snippet Features
  • All Pro Features Plus:
  • Up to 5 team members included
  • Collaborative features
  • Premium support & custom modes


Does Codewp have any word count/character limit?

With the current pricing plan, CodeWP has no word count or character limits for users to train and customize models.

Which build modes can early users use CodeWP?

Currently, CodeWP has 12 public modes. These include WordPress PHP, WooCommerce PHP, Regex, Oxygen Builder Conditions, and Breakdance Builder Conditions, as well as Carbon Fields, MetaBox, and ACF.

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