Codeassist: Free AI Chatbots That Can Write Code

What is Codeassist?

Codeassist is an AI chatbot created by Damian Czapiewski in 2023, which differs from typical chatbots in that it can not only answer users’ questions but also write code. Codeassist allows users to make changes to files in the editor and can generate new and complete code based on user instructions. However, Codeassist also has some limitations. The code it generates may not be entirely accurate, so it requires user review. Additionally, when multiple users are using Codeassist simultaneously, its response time may slow down.

Overall, Codeassist provides a unique and powerful tool for code creation, but users should exercise caution when using it and verify the accuracy of the generated code.

Price: Free
Tag: AI chatbot
Release time: 2023
Developer(s): Codeassist

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Codeassist Functions

  • Codeassist has a natural language interface, users can communicate with Codeassist as if communicating with a human.
  • Codeassist allows users to view and change code.
  • New, complete code that Codeassist can. automatically generate
  • Codeassist works with all popular programming languages.

Codeassist APP

Codeassist allows users to install and download in Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDE, the download address is below.

Codeassist Pricing

Codeassist is currently free and open to all users. But official information indicates that a certain fee may be charged in the future.


How is Codeassist different from normal chatbots?

Codeassist not only answers questions, but also automatically generates new, complete code based on user instructions.

Are there any downsides to Codeassist?

The code written by Codeassist is not necessarily completely correct and needs to be reviewed by the user. In addition, when multiple people use Codeassist at the same time, its response speed may become very slow.

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