Waitroom: Ai Conferencing Software That Improves Meeting Efficiency

What is Waitroom?

Waitroom is a remote meeting software for enterprise teams. With AI technology, it is committed to changing many problems in existing meetings. With its innovative meeting queue and timer function, Waitroom greatly reduces the time of chatting in meetings and improves meeting efficiency. and the concentration of users participating in the meeting. If there are new ideas during the meeting, with the permission of the host, they can express their opinions at any time and communicate in a timely manner.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI conference
Release time: Unknown

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Waitroom Functions

  • Easy to use, you only need to register as a host in a few seconds, invite the team into the meeting, and then you can use Waitroom.
  • Waitroom uses conference queues and timers to reasonably arrange the conversation time of each participant, avoiding meaningless chatting and wasting time.
  • Simplify meeting structure, Waitroom upgrades team and other department collaboration by adding structure and focus.
  • Waitroom has a unique feedback mechanism that can give full play to the team’s ability.

Waitroom APP

Waitroom is an application software developed for all users. You can download the APP to mobile devices with iOS and Android systems or use it directly on the web.

Waitroom Pricing

The service provided by Waitroom is not free, and the official website has not announced a clear price, but the tool currently offers a free trial.


Is Waitroom free?

Waitroom has packages available to users, and customers can purchase packages on demand.

How many people can the Waitroom accommodate at most?

Waitroom can have a maximum of 2000 people meeting at the same time.

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