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What is Validly?

Validly is an online AI recruitment assistant that helps users recruit more talents in less time. Validly can automate recruitment work. Users only need to set up recruitment tasks, and it can automatically and properly arrange the next series of matters, such as arranging interview time and notifying candidates of relevant precautions. In addition, it can also generate questions worth discussing in the interview, and can analyze the interview performance of candidates, which plays an important role in improving recruitment efficiency.

Price: Free
Tag: AI HR Assistant
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Validly

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Validly Functions

  • Automation: Validly allows users to set recruitment tasks, and then Validly automatically completes various work content such as inviting recruiters.
  • Interview guidance: Validly can automatically generate questions related to interview topics for users.
  • Automatic recording: Validly can record the entire interview process and automatically save the interview process.
  • Analysis summary: Validly can help users automatically generate interview reports to detect whether the recruiting target matches the requirements of the unit.

Validly App

Validly provides a web version for users to use online. If you are interested in it, you can enter the Validly website to experience its powerful functions.

Validly Pricing

Validly is currently in beta, allowing users to use it for free. Validly has not officially announced the pricing plan for the official version.


What is Validly?

Validly is an online AI recruitment assistant, which can help users recruit more talents in a shorter period of time and improve recruitment efficiency.

Is Validly free to use?

Yes, Validly offers users a free trial.

Is Validly official now?

No, Validly is currently in beta.

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