Truewind: AI Financial Assistant For Startups

What is Truewind?

Truewind is an AI-driven accounting and finance tool designed to assist startups with their financial needs. Its mission is to simplify and optimize financial work processes. By consolidating a company’s multiple bank accounts, Truewind automates bookkeeping and accounting tasks based on user input. Its accuracy and speed surpass those of traditional manual methods. Furthermore, Truewind’s adoption of AI electronic accounting enhances financial transparency in businesses.

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Truewind Functions

  • Integrate bank accounts: Truewind can integrate multiple bank accounts together to better process transaction information
  • Perform accounting work: Truewind can perform accounting work based on user information, including various invoices, bills, etc., with high accuracy
  • Realize automation: Truewind can automatically read contracts and various bills, and then automatically organize financial information for enterprises to enhance the transparency of corporate finance
  • Teach relevant content: Truewind can teach users about venture capital related matters

Truewind App

Truewind currently only has a web version for users to use online, and there is no mobile APP yet. You can go to the Truewind website to learn more.

Truewind Pricing

Truewind offers fee-based services to its users, but it does not have a set and standardized pricing structure. The ultimate cost varies based on the specific requirements of each business. If you wish to access Truewind’s powerful features, you can stay updated on pricing information via the official Truewind website or reach out to the Truewind sales team directly.


What is Truewind?

Truewind is an artificial intelligence-driven bookkeeping and financial tool that can help start-ups do financial-related work, making financial work easier and more efficient.

How does Truewind charge?

Truewind does not have a fixed and uniform price, and the final price depends on the needs of the enterprise.

What is Truewind's target group?

Truewind mainly provides financial services for start-ups. 

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