Timeto: AI Time Management Assistant For Teams

What is Timeto?

Timeto is an AI-driven online time management platform that helps users manage their schedules and tasks efficiently. Users can create their own plans and also have the option to let Timeto arrange additional activities, such as scheduling meetings, based on their existing plans. Timeto’s time allocation is not set in stone and can be adjusted in real-time based on changes in work situations. Additionally, Timeto generates reports on schedule and plan execution, which are presented visually to help users understand how much time is spent on different tasks and make adjustments accordingly. Currently, Timeto is in beta testing and only available for enterprise teams.

Price: Free
Tag: AI time management assistant
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Timeto Functions

  • Arrange meetings: Timeto can only arrange meeting time according to your time plan, maximizing time utilization
  • Arrangement visualization: Timeto can present your plan and the completion of the plan in a visual way such as data and reports, helping you understand where you spend time and better adjust the plan.
  • Adjustment at any time: Timeto can adjust the priority of work at any time according to your requirements, so that the plan can catch up with changes
  • Customized plan: Timeto allows users to create plans freely, allowing users to freely arrange time according to their own ideas.
  • Support integration: Timeto can be integrated with a variety of office software or time software to help you complete more work on one platform
  • Management automation: Timeto automates management work through scalable code, powerful API and cron jobs.

Timeto App

Timeto is currently only available to users online. Timeto is currently in beta version, if you want to use its functions, you can enter its official website, and then choose to join the waiting list, waiting for Timeto staff to contact you and provide you with services.

Timeto Pricing

Timeto is currently in beta and allows users to use it for free. The official said that Timeto will start charging after the official version is released, and the price has not yet been determined.


Is Timeto currently a genuine version?

No, it’s not official yet, it’s still in beta. The official said that the official version of Timeto will be launched in the summer of 2023.

Can individuals use Timeto?

Timeto is currently not open to individuals, it only provides services for corporate teams, and is an essential tool for corporate teams to arrange their schedules reasonably.

How does Timeto charge?

Timeto is currently in beta, allowing users to use it for free. The official said that after the official version of Timeto is released, it will start charging, and the price of the official version has not yet been determined.

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