Pixifi: The Most Professional Business Management Assistant

What is ChatGPT?

Pixifi is an online business management platform created by Tim Hussey to help users with customer management, data analysis and other business work. Pixifi provides a variety of functions to help users manage customer information, automatically send and receive emails, sign digital contracts, and analyze work data. In addition, Pixifi also supports integration with popular third-party software tools such as QuickBooks, Stripe, and PayPal. Collect all business tasks on one platform, which helps to save time and energy, simplify business work, and improve work efficiency.

Price: Starting $29.99
Tag: AI business management assistant
Release time: 2010
Developer(s): Pixifi
Users: 94K

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Pixifi Features

  • Customer Management: Pixifi helps users manage all their customers, including contact information, session history, and more.
  • Scheduling and calendar management: Pixifi includes a scheduling system that allows users to set schedules.
  • Support online booking and online payment: Customers can make appointments and pay related fees through Pixifi.
  • Contract and invoice management: Pixifi allows users to create digital contracts and invoices and track the progress of those contracts.
  • Workflow automation: Pixifi supports customizable automated workflows to automate routine tasks, such as automatically sending emails, automatically confirming orders, etc.
  • Task and project management: Pixifi includes a task management system that allows users to track and manage all of their projects and tasks.
  • Data analysis: Pixifi provides users with detailed reports and analysis on various aspects of the business, such as income, expenses, bookings, etc.
  • Supports integration features: Pixifi can integrate with various third-party tools, such as QuickBooks, MailChimp, and Zapier, to simplify accounting, marketing, and other business tasks.

Pixifi APP

Pixifi APP is a client developed for mobile users, and users can download it to their mobile phones or tablets. Pixifi APP has two different versions, Android and iOS. The Android version can be downloaded from Google Play, and the iOS version can be downloaded from the App Store. Users can choose according to their own conditions.

How to Login Pixifi?

  1. Visit the Pixifi website, click “Login” in the upper right corner
  2. Enter your email address and password in the prompt box
  3. Click the “Login” button to successfully log in
  4. If you don’t have a Pixifi account yet, you can go back to the homepage of the website and click “Sign Up” to register a Pixifi account
  5. Then enter your email address and company name and other information, click “Get Started”
  6. At this point, your mailbox will receive a verification message from Pixifi, click on the verification link to complete the registration

How to Use Pixifi?

Pixifi has various functions, and the usage steps are different for different user needs. The basic usage is as follows:

  1. Enter the Pixifi website and complete the login
  2. You then need to set up your account by adding your business logo, setting up a customer portal, creating email templates and customizing workflows
  3. Add your customer and booking information to the system and let Pixifi help you manage your business
  4. Use a scheduling tool: Pixifi has a scheduling tool that allows you to schedule things like meetings
  5. Create contracts and invoices: you can use your custom templates, set up payment schedules, and email them to your clients
  6. Use data analysis tools: You can use Pixifi to track your business performance, such as revenue, bookings and expenses, and you can also use the tool to generate reports and visualize data to help you make more informed decisions

Pixifi Pricing




Studio Pro



$ 29.99/month

$ 39.99/month

$ 54.99/month

$ 139.99/month


  • 1 Staff Member
  • 1 Brand
  • 1 Pricing Page
  • 1 Booking Page (with 2 services)
  • Everything else is Unlimited
  • 2 Staff Members
  • 5 Brands
  • 3 Pricing Pages
  • 2 Booking Pages (with 5 services)
  • Everything else is Unlimited
  • 10 Staff
  • 10 Brands
  • 10 Pricing Pages
  • 10 Booking Pages
  • Unlimited Workshops
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Staff
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Unlimited Pricing Pages
  • Unlimited Booking Pages
  • Everything else is Unlimited

Pixifi Review

Chris: I have to admit that Pixifi is really a very useful tool with too many functions.

Ferdinand: Pixifi helps me manage my client information and saves me a lot of time.

Aliyah: Pixifi is so easy to use, I have already recommended it to my friends.


What type of pricing plans does Pixifi offer?

Pixifi offers four pricing plans, namely ESSENTIAL, BOUTIQUE, STUDIO PRO, and ELITE plan, the prices are $29.99/month, $39.99/month, $54.99/month, $139.99/month.

Who are the typical users of Pixifi?

Pixifi’s main target customers are SMEs, but it also serves individual users.

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