Pin: AI Office Assistant To Help You Improve Work Efficiency

What is Pin?

Pin is an AI-powered office software released in 2023 that helps users better coordinate their work in Slack and facilitates improved teamwork within teams. Pin allows users to place graphical symbols in any message as a to-do or reminder, allowing them to create various work items and better manage different projects. It also allows users to assign work tasks to different team members, promoting teamwork collaboration. Pin coordinates and schedules tasks as per user requirements, automating simple and tedious tasks, freeing up more resources and energy to focus on critical issues, thereby improving work efficiency.

Price: Starting $99
Tag: AI office assistant
Release time: 2023
Developer(s): Pin

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Pin Functions

  • Flag things: Pin allows users to place the Pin’s graphic symbol into any message to flag things to do or note.
  • Work automation: Pin can summarize a large amount of content through AI technology, and recognize the user’s operation commands, so as to help users modify, add or abandon any work tasks.
  • Coordinating work: Pin can help users better coordinate various work tasks and make various tasks better arranged. It improves productivity by directing users to spend more time and energy on key issues.
  • Fast processing speed: In just a few seconds, Pin can arrange various tasks for the user based on the basic information of the work item and the items marked by the user.

Pin App

Pin currently only has a web version, allowing users to use it online. If you want to use its AI office function, you need to enter the Pin website, and then join its waiting list to use it.

Pin Pricing

Pin provides paid services, which provide users with three pricing plans, as shown in the table below. Among them, the Start Up plan is suitable for small enterprises, the Team plan is suitable for medium-sized enterprises, and the Enterprise plan is suitable for large enterprises.


Start Up








  • 300 pins
  • 10 seats

  • 1000 pins
  • 25 seats

  • unlimited pins
  • unlimited seats


How are Pins charged?

Pin provides users with three pricing plans, the prices are $99, $179, and the other is an unfixed price, which needs to be negotiated with the salesperson, and the final price depends on the user’s demand.

What are Pins?

Pin is an AI office software that can help users better coordinate their work in Slack and help teams work better together. Pin coordinates and arranges various tasks according to the user’s requirements, automatically completes various simple and tedious tasks, allows users to focus more resources and energy on key issues, and helps improve work efficiency.

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