Majorgen: Create A Professional Resume Just Seconds


What is Majorgen?

Majorgen AI is an online job search tool created by the Major Generate team in March 2023, designed to help users generate or optimize their resumes with the assistance of AI technology. With just basic personal information provided by the user, Majorgen can produce a complete and high-quality resume or cover letter in just a matter of seconds. When generating the resume, Majorgen takes into account the user’s background information and their desired job position to create a tailored application that matches the requirements of the job, ultimately helping the user increase their competitiveness in the job market.

Price: $1
Tag: Job search assistant
Release Time: March 2023
Developer(s): Majorgen

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Majorgen Functions

  • Automatic resume generation: Majorgen is able to automatically generate the perfect resume and cover letter based on your personal information.
  • Provide multiple options: For a certain part of the resume, Majorgen can provide multiple options for users to choose the one they are most satisfied with.
  • Resume modification: Majorgen can modify the original resume to make it more prominent in personal professional skills and enhance competitiveness in the workplace.
  • Support manual editing: Majorgen allows users to manually modify the automatically generated resume.
  • Download support: Majorgen allows users to download resumes or cover letters as PDF or Word files.

Majorgen Online

Majorgen currently only has a web version, and users only need to enter the Majorgen website to use it directly.

Majorgen Pricing

Majorgen’s fee is based on the number of sessions, and it only costs $1 to make a resume.


What is Majorgen?

Majorgen is an online AI job search tool that helps users generate resumes that best match the jobs they are applying for.

Is Majorgen free?

No, Majorgen offers a paid service, charging a dollar for a professional resume.

Can the resume generated by Majorgen be downloaded?

Yes, Majorgen allows users to save as PDF or Word.

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