Keeper Tax: Intelligent AI Tax Saving Software

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What is Keeper Tax?

The keeper tax is a deduction for the breeder’s annual function in 2022, and he can get tax returns without many problems. Reduced, and it responds very fast, it only takes 45 seconds to complete the above job.

Price: Starting $99
Tag: Intelligent AI tax saving software
Release time: 2022
Developer(s): Keeper

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Keeper Tax Functions

  • Smart Tax Savings: Keeper’s algorithms search your transaction history to find deductible business expenses and other tax deductions that are easy to miss
  • Tax filing function: file taxes directly on the app

How to Use Keeper Tax?

A login is required to go to the Keeper Tax website, Keeper supports all types of income – W-2, 1099, investments, you name it. Simply upload your form and let us do the rest. Tax returns filed through Keeper are professionally prepared, which means that each return is reviewed and signed by a tax professional before being submitted to the IRS.

Keeper Tax APP

Currently Keeper Tax provides a web version for users to use online, you can go to the Keeper Tax website to chat with it.

Keeper Tax Pricing

Simple tax return

Tax return with business income




Does this really help with tax savings?

I’m terrified of trusting a CPA to get me the most write off the first year because a 1099 worker admin being taxed helped me be sure of all the deductibles I’d be able to claim.

Is it really fast to file taxes?

Really fast, the tax return took a full 10 minutes and all my write-offs were added which helped me get a great tax return! So glad I found this app!

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