Inkdrop: The Necessary AI Assistant For Easy Conference Management

What is Inkdrop?

Inkdrop, an AI-powered online meeting tool developed by Antoine Descamps and Alberto Schillaci, enables users to conduct meetings more effectively. With Inkdrop, users can easily plan and schedule meetings, access tips for successful meeting execution, and ensure seamless meeting operations. The tool automatically records meeting content and transcribes dialogue into text, facilitating convenient reference to pertinent information covered during the meeting. Moreover, Inkdrop grants users access to past meeting archives. By streamlining meeting processes, Inkdrop reduces meeting time by up to 30%, enhancing overall productivity.

Price: $49.9
Tag: AI meeting assistant
Release time: Unknown
Developer(s): Inkdrop

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Inkdrop Functions

  • Automatically schedule meetings: Inkdrop will plan your meetings and tell you where to focus, keeping your meetings short and on topic.
  • Record meeting: Inkdrop can automatically record everyone’s speech at the meeting, and can follow up the follow-up work.
  • Conference query: Inkdrop can query the historical conferences of enterprises and understand their content, helping to improve the efficiency and value of conferences and reduce unnecessary conference activities.

Inkdrop App

Inkdrop provides users with a web version that allows users to use it online. In addition, Inkdrop also provides users with a browser plug-in, which users can download in the Chrome application store.

Inkdrop Pricing

Inkdrop is priced at $49.9 per year, and it offers a 30-day free trial.


What is Inkdrop?

Inkdrop is an online AI conference tool, which can help users to better carry out conference activities. It arranges meetings for users, records meeting contents and provides historical meeting inquiry.

Where can I download the Inkdrop plugin?

Inkdrop provides users with a browser plug-in that users can download from the Chrome app store.

Is Inkdrop free to try?

Yes, Inkdrop is priced at $49.9 per year, but it offers a 30-day free trial.

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