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What is AlphaResearch?

AlphaResearch is an online AI tool that helps users extract key information from unstructured texts, documents, financial reports, earnings call transcripts, and more. It helps users access precise business information, select appropriate investment directions, and promote business success. AlphaResearch can browse through millions of global documents, transcripts, news releases, and reports, access institutional-level fundamental data, market data, news data, and analysts’ views on financial modeling and stock research, helping users understand the market and seize the initiative.

Price: Starting at $49.99
Tag: AI research assistant
Release Time: Unknown
Developer(s): AlphaResearch

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AlphaResearch Function

  • Market Information: AlphaResearch can help users search for market information
  • Document Retrieval: AlphaResearch can search through global documents, transcripts, news releases, and reports
  • Financial Assistance: AlphaResearch supports estimates on financial modeling and stock research
  • Data Analysis: AlphaResearch extracts insights from text and traditional fundamental data, obtaining insights on executive and market views on a company’s future.
  • Hot Topics: AlphaResearch can capture information on hot topics.

AlphaResearch App

AlphaResearch currently provides a web version for users to access online. If you have relevant needs, you can visit the official website to learn more.

AlphaResearch Pricing

AlphaResearch offers multiple payment service models, the details of which are shown in the table below.








Custom prising


  • Coverage: US market
  • Document Search: SEC filings, Press releases,and Earnings call transcripts.
  • Document Alert & Filings Screener
  • Trending topics & Sentiment Analysis
  • News Watch
  • Insider Transactions & Institutional OwnershipAnalysis
  • ETF & Mutual Funds Holdings
  • Note taking
  • Coverage: Global 
  • Everything in Basic
  • Document Search: SEC, Sedar, CompanyHouse, International filings, Press releases, andEarnings call transcripts.
  • Global Fundamentals & Estimates
  • Global Equity Screener
  • Excel & Google Sheets add-on
  • .Everything in Professional
  • Access to premium Research Reports
  • API Access
  • SLA
  • Account and invoice management for multiple accounts
  • Dedicated account manager


Does AlphaResearch offer a free trial?

Yes, AlphaResearch provides a free 7-day trial for new users.

Which markets does AlphaResearch cover?

AlphaResearch currently supports global fundamental data and document search in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Can I cancel my AlphaResearch subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription service according to the process.

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