Ahola Payroll: The Most Efficient Workforce Management Assistant

What is Ahola Payroll?

Ahola Payroll, the HR management platform founded by Chet and Rheta Ahoia in 1967, offers a wide range of personalized services to clients worldwide, providing not only payroll processing services, but also a complete and efficient HR management solution to enable companies to recruit and manage talent more effectively, as well as to manage employee attendance and improve employee productivity.

Price: No uniform price
Tag: HR Assistant
Release time: 1967
Developer(s): Chet and Rheta Ahoia
Users: 19k

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Ahola Payroll Function

  • Online payroll services: Ahola Payroll ensures that a company’s payroll process is efficient and accurate and that tax filing is automated, eliminating the burden of calculation; company employees can also view their complete salary
  • Human Resources Consulting: Ahola Payroll can assist with the development of recruitment policies and processes, providing companies with guidance to recruit talent more effectively
  • Benefits Management: Benefits are related to payroll, and Ahola Payroll can help companies manage their employees’ payroll files by helping them openly enroll in benefit options
  • Time and Attendance Management: Ahola Payroll can effectively collect and monitor employee time and attendance data to improve employee productivity
  • Recruiting and onboarding: Ahola Payroll streamlines your company’s recruiting process, reducing hiring time and automatically generating employee onboarding kits to email to new employees
  • Employee Self-Service Mobile Experience: Both employees and managers can access and check payroll, pay historical bills, leave balances, and make leave requests, among other in-demand features.

How to Login Ahola Payroll?

  1. Enter the Ahola Payroll website and click “LOGIN” above
  2. If you are the management personnel of the company, click on the first column “ISOLVED CLIENT LOGIN” to log in the client, and enter the user name and password according to the prompt to log in
  3. If you are a company employee, click on the second column “ISOLVED EMPLOYEE LOGIN” to log in as an employee, and follow the prompts to complete the login
  4. If you want to obtain HR-related workplace information, you can click on the third column “HR ON DEMAND”, enter your user name and password to log in

Ahola Payroll mobile APP

Ahola Payroll provides mobile applications for mobile users, which are available for both iOS and Android systems. The download steps are as follows:
  1. First open your browser to the Ahola Payroll website and enter your login credentials
  2. Once logged in, you will be prompted at the bottom to install the app to your home screen
In addition, you can also click the link below to quickly download the Ahola Payroll APP

Ahola Payroll Pricing

The service provided by Ahola Payroll is not free, but there is no fixed price, it is based on the salary and other expenses of each employee.


Is Ahola Payroll free?

Ahola Payroll is not free, but it has no fixed price, it is priced based on employee salaries and other expenses

Does Ahola Payroll have a mobile terminal?

Yes, Ahola Payroll has a mobile APP, which is suitable for both iOS and Android systems, and can be downloaded according to the above prompts

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