What is Live3D?

Live3D is a comprehensive platform dedicated to VTubers. It provides a suite of tools and resources for VTubers, streamers, YouTubers, and artists. The platform has served over 1 million users from all over the world.

Live3D Details

Live3D Key Features

  • VTuber Maker: This tool allows users to bring their VTuber avatar to life. It offers fast and high-quality face tracking, a variety of 3D VTuber avatars, interactive effects, and smooth hand tracking via various devices.
  • VTuber Editor: A professional VRM model editor that lets users load their VRM models and backgrounds, customize 3D animations, avatar emotes, and more.
  • VTuber Gallery: Provides a variety of anime poses for VTubers and can be used as a reference for drawing, posters, or illustrations.
  • VTuber Extension: Enhances VTuber livestreams by allowing users to customize virtual effects, change stream stickers, and drive engagement.

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