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What is Pirr.me?

Pirr.me is an AI-powered platform that offers a unique experience for users interested in erotic fiction. It enables users to both create and read erotic stories, utilizing artificial intelligence to generate and continue these narratives. Founded in 2020, Pirr.me stands out as a distinctive erotica platform, different from typical erotica websites, by integrating AI into the creation and consumption of erotic content.

Pirr.me Details

Price: Freemium

Tag: NSFW AI Writer
Developer(s): Pirr.me

Release time: 2022

Pirr.me Key Features

  • AI-Generated Erotica: Pirr.me uses AI to generate erotic fiction, allowing users to create their own fantasies and read live erotica created in real-time by other users.
  • Modes of Creation: Users can create stories in “Closed mode” for privacy or “Open mode” to let others watch and read as the story is created.
  • Interactive Reading Experience: The platform displays a list of live erotica stories, showing how many users are currently reading, and allows for real-time reactions like ‘liking’ a story.
  • User Flexibility: Users can either use AI-generated text suggestions or write their own text, with the ability to edit and personalize the AI-generated options.
  • Anonymity and Safety: Pirr.me ensures user safety and privacy, requiring minimal personal information for account creation and offering anonymous story creation and reading.

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