World’s 1st ‘Miss AI’ Beauty Pageant Announces Top 10 Finalists

Miss AI Beauty Pageant cover

Recently, the world’s first artificial intelligence beauty pageant Miss AI announced the top 10 finalists. The event, organized by Fanvue, attracted millions of people and demonstrated the creative potential of artificial intelligence in redefining traditional beauty standards. The competition highlighted the infinite possibilities of digital characters and pushed the boundaries of our perception of beauty and influence in the digital age.

The Miss AI beauty pageant, the world’s first of its kind, has announced its top 10 finalists. This event, organized by Fanvue World AI Creator Awards, merges technology and beauty, showcasing AI’s potential to redefine beauty standards.

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What is the Miss AI Beauty Pageant?

The Miss AI beauty pageant is an innovative competition that celebrates models generated by AI tools. These virtual contestants are created using advanced algorithms and are judged on their aesthetic appeal, originality, and social media influence. Unlike traditional beauty pageants, Miss AI transcends physical limitations, allowing creators to create unique and diverse beautiful works from around the world. The competition aims to explore and celebrate the artistic capabilities of artificial intelligence, presenting a new perspective on beauty that is not limited by human boundaries.

How are the finalists selected?

In the selection of the Miss AI beauty pageant, a panel of human and AI judges evaluates each contestant based on multiple criteria. This process ensures a fair and comprehensive evaluation of each AI model.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Judges value visual appeal and unique beauty traits.
  • Originality: Whether the AI ​​model design can create human creativity.
  • Social media influence: Engagement and number of followers on platforms such as Instagram play an important role.
  • Technical skills: Examine the sophistication and details of AI-generated images.
  • Cultural representation: Consider diversity and representation of different cultures and backgrounds.

Pros and cons of the Miss AI Beauty Pageant

The introduction of AI beauty contests brings both opportunities and challenges, reflecting the wider social impact of integrating AI into the creative field.


  • Innovation: The potential of AI in creativity and artistic aesthetics, breaking the boundaries of digital art.
  • Diversity: Allowing beauty to be expressed in many ways, without the limitations of the human body.
  • Accessibility: Providing a platform for creators around the world to showcase their talents.
  • Engagement: Creating new opportunities for digital engagement and virtual influencers.


  • Unrealistic standards: Through idealized AI models, there is a risk of perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards.
  • Content plagiarism: If not managed, content plagiarism is likely to occur.
  • Ethical issues: Raising ethical questions about whether AI will replace real models.
  • Impact on traditional industries: It may subvert the traditional fashion industry and cause related practitioners to lose their jobs.

Top 10 finalists of the Miss AI Beauty Pageant

The top 10 finalists of the Miss AI Beauty Pageant each bring a unique blend of cultural representation and digital artistry, showcasing the diverse potential of AI-generated models.

Kenza Layli (Morocco)


Kenza Layli is a charming AI model. Her creators designed her to be a virtual cultural ambassador, embracing Moroccan traditions and promoting various products on social media. With over 190,000 followers, Kenza’s digital presence embodies a fusion of tradition and modernity.

Olivia C (Portugal)

Miss-AI-contender-Olivia C-from-Portugal

Hailing from Portugal, Olivia C embodies the blend of technology and beauty. Her creators aim to showcase AI’s potential in generating lifelike digital personas, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Olivia’s presence as a digital traveler opens new avenues for virtual tourism promotion.

Anne Kerdi (France)


Anne Kerdi, a Parisian beauty, exudes elegance and sophistication. Crafted as a virtual fashion icon, Anne promotes the latest trends and styles in the digital realm. Her presence is a testament to the artistic capabilities of AI in fashion and design.

Zara Shatavari (India)


Zara Shatavari represents India, embracing her cultural heritage while showcasing the versatility of AI. Her creators envision her as a virtual advocate for health and wellness, promoting a balanced lifestyle. Zara’s digital persona is a blend of tradition and contemporary wellness advocacy.

Aiyana Rainbow (Romania)


Aiyana Rainbow is a propagandist for the diversity of Eastern European culture. As a virtual ambassador for Romania, she showcases Romania’s rich history and traditions, connecting cultural diversity to the world.

Lalina (France)


Lalina embodies the spirit of French fashion and art. Her creators designed her to be a virtual muse for artists and designers, and her mature charm made her stand out in AI beauty pageants.

Seren Ay (Turkey)

Seren Ay represents Turkey and reflects the country’s rich cultural heritage. Seren is a virtual ambassador who showcases Turkey’s unique blend of tradition and modernity. Her digital image promotes cultural understanding and appreciation.

Asena Ilik (Turkey)

ai senailik image

Another Turkish finalist, Asena Ilik, embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration. Asena was conceived as a virtual travel influencer, highlighting Turkey’s diverse landscapes and culture. Her digital presence is a celebration of global travel and discovery.

Eliza Khan (Bangladesh)

Eliza Khan image

Eliza Khan is one of Bangladesh’s first AI-created avatars, showcasing Bangladeshi culture and traditions through a relatable and inspiring digital presence. Additionally, as a virtual advocate for social change, Eliza is committed to being a voice for women and girls and advocating for universal female education.

Ailya Lou (Brazil)

Ailya Lou represents Brazil and embodies the country’s passion for music and dance. Ailya was conceived as a virtual pop star, showcasing the energy and vitality of Brazilian culture. Her digital identity highlights the artistic potential of AI in the entertainment industry.

Future challenges of the Miss AI Beauty Pageant

The successful holding of the Miss AI beauty pageant means the possibility of AI in the field of artistic creation. The holding of AI beauty pageants in the future will face both challenges and opportunities. With the continuous development of AI technology, beauty pageants may further redefine the standards of appearance and influence the aesthetic taste of the general public. Whether it can cope with future challenges depends on whether it can take into account ethical issues and cultural protection. After solving these problems, society can better tolerate and accept the innovation of AI beauty pageants.


The first Miss AI beauty pageant is a pioneering work in the field of fashion. This AI beauty pageant not only highlights the creative potential of AI, but also challenges the traditional social aesthetic standards. Looking to the future, the Miss AI beauty pageant will face a series of opportunities and challenges.

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