10+ Best AI Thanksgiving Card Generators You Worth Trying in 2023

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Hey there! Are you ready to spread some Thanksgiving cheer but stuck with the same old card designs? Fear not! In this fun and friendly guide, I’ll introduce you to the world of AI Thanksgiving Card Generators – your new best friends for creating unique and heartfelt cards in 2023.

Discover the top 10 AI Thanksgiving Card Generators of 2023, perfect for creating unique and heartfelt cards with ease. From user-friendly interfaces to advanced creative tools, these generators offer something for everyone.

What is an AI Thanksgiving Card Generator?

Imagine a tool that combines your creativity with the power of AI to produce stunning Thanksgiving cards. That’s what AI Thanksgiving Card Generators are all about! They use artificial intelligence to help you craft personalized cards with your photos, messages, and a touch of magic.

Generator Rating Pricing Key Features

CyberLink PhotoDirector

From $3.17/month
Advanced AI tools, festive elements

Adobe Spark (Adobe Express)

Free; Premium at $9.99/month
Professional templates, interactive animations
Free; Pro at $14.99/month
Extensive templates, customization options
Free; Pro at $3.33/month (annual)
Drag-and-drop editor, design templates
From $7.99/month or $72/year
Quirky effects, design templates
Free; Pro at $10/month (annual)
Easy-to-use interface, high-res downloads
VistaCreate (formerly Crello)
Free; Pro at $6.50/month (annual)
Vibrant templates, multimedia options
Design Wizard
Free; Pro at $9.99/month
Wide range of templates, easy customization
$5.99/month (annual) or $11.99/month
Photo editing tools, graphic design options
Open-source, comprehensive editing tools

1. CyberLink PhotoDirector – "Transform Photos into Festive Masterpieces"

CyberLink PhotoDirector is an ideal choice for transforming your photos into festive Thanksgiving cards. It combines user-friendly interfaces with advanced AI tools, catering to both beginners and seasoned photographers. The software offers a range of editing capabilities, from basic adjustments to advanced effects, making it easy to add a holiday spirit to your images. Whether you’re looking to create simple, heartfelt cards or explore more complex photographic techniques, PhotoDirector provides the tools and flexibility needed for all your creative endeavors.

  • Pros & Cons:
    • Pros: Advanced AI tools, user-friendly interface, versatile editing options.
    • Cons: Might be complex for absolute beginners, subscription-based.
  • Best For: Photography enthusiasts and those who want to add a professional touch to their cards.

2. Adobe Spark (Adobe Express) – "Creativity Made Simple"

Adobe Spark, now Adobe Express, simplifies the process of creating eye-catching Thanksgiving cards. It’s designed for both beginners and professionals, offering a wide range of templates and interactive animations. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows for quick and easy customization, making it perfect for those who want to create stunning cards without spending hours on design. Adobe Express is ideal for crafting unique cards that capture the essence of Thanksgiving, blending ease of use with professional-quality results.

  • Pros & Cons:
    • Pros: Wide range of templates, easy-to-use interface, great for animations.
    • Cons: Limited features in the free version, requires Adobe account.
  • Best For: Beginners and professionals looking for a quick and easy way to create stunning cards.

3. Canva – "Unleash Your Inner Designer"

Canva is renowned for its simplicity and vast template library, making it a go-to tool for designing Thanksgiving cards. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface caters to users of all skill levels, allowing anyone to create professional-looking designs effortlessly. Canva offers a mix of free and premium templates, enabling users to craft everything from simple greetings to elaborate cards. Its versatility and ease of use make Canva a popular choice for those seeking a quick yet effective way to express their Thanksgiving sentiments.

  • Pros & Cons:
    • Pros: Extensive template library, intuitive design, great for non-designers.
    • Cons: Some features require a Pro subscription, limited customization in free templates.
  • Best For: Anyone looking for an easy-to-use tool with a wide range of design options.

4. Fotor – "Effortless Editing and Design"

Fotor homepage

Fotor stands out for its seamless card creation experience, combining a user-friendly interface with a variety of design templates. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to create professional-looking Thanksgiving cards without any hassle. Fotor’s straightforward approach is perfect for quick editing, offering a range of tools that are accessible to users of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, Fotor provides an easy and efficient way to bring your Thanksgiving card ideas to life.

  • Pros & Cons:
    • Pros: Easy-to-use interface, good selection of templates, affordable Pro version.
    • Cons: Limited features in the free version, less advanced than some competitors.
  • Best For: Users seeking a straightforward and affordable card creation tool.

5. PicMonkey – "Creativity with a Quirky Twist"

PicMonkey homepage

PicMonkey offers a unique approach to Thanksgiving card creation with its quirky effects and templates. It’s perfect for those who want to add a fun and creative touch to their cards. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy to experiment with different designs and effects. PicMonkey is ideal for individuals looking to express their creativity in a distinctive and playful way, offering a range of tools that go beyond traditional card designs.

  • Pros & Cons:
    • Pros: Unique effects and templates, user-friendly interface.
    • Cons: More expensive than some alternatives, limited free features.
  • Best For: Individuals looking for a platform to express their creativity with a fun twist.

6. Snappa – "High-Resolution Designs Made Easy"

Snappa homepage

Snappa is all about simplicity and efficiency in design. Its straightforward interface and high-resolution downloads make it ideal for quickly creating professional-looking Thanksgiving cards. Snappa’s focus on ease of use and quality makes it a great choice for those who need to produce high-quality cards in a short amount of time. The platform is particularly suited for users who value a no-fuss approach to design while still wanting to achieve impressive results.

  • Pros & Cons:
    • Pros: High-resolution downloads, simple interface, quick editing.
    • Cons: Limited template variety, more suited for basic designs.
  • Best For: Users who need to create high-quality cards quickly and with minimal fuss.

7. VistaCreate (formerly Crello) – "Vibrant and Versatile Designing"

VistaCreate homepage

VistaCreate, formerly Crello, offers a vibrant and versatile platform for creating Thanksgiving cards. With its wide range of templates and multimedia options, it caters to various creative needs. Whether you’re making a simple card or an elaborate design, VistaCreate provides the necessary tools and flexibility. It’s an excellent choice for users who want to explore different design possibilities and create cards that stand out with their unique style and flair.

  • Pros & Cons:
    • Pros: Wide range of templates, multimedia options, user-friendly.
    • Cons: Some advanced features require a Pro subscription.
  • Best For: Users looking for a versatile tool with multimedia capabilities.

8. Design Wizard – "Wizardry at Your Fingertips"

Design Wizard homepage

Design Wizard makes the design process feel like magic, offering a wide range of templates and easy customization options. It’s a great choice for creating personalized Thanksgiving cards, with a user-friendly interface that makes design accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or have some design experience, Design Wizard helps you create cards that are both beautiful and meaningful, with minimal effort and time.

  • Pros & Cons:
    • Pros: Wide variety of templates, easy to customize, suitable for beginners.
    • Cons: Limited free features, Pro version required for full access.
  • Best For: Beginners and those who want a hassle-free design experience.

9. BeFunky – "Funky Designs for Everyone"


BeFunky offers a fun and easy way to create Thanksgiving cards. With comprehensive photo editing tools and graphic design options, it allows users to craft unique and beautiful cards. Ideal for those who want to add a personal touch to their designs, BeFunky is user-friendly and versatile, suitable for creating everything from simple greetings to elaborate cards. It’s a great choice for adding a funky and personal touch to your Thanksgiving wishes.

  • Pros & Cons:
    • Pros: Comprehensive editing tools, fun and easy to use.
    • Cons: Limited features in the free version, annual subscription for best value.
  • Best For: Users who enjoy adding a personal and funky touch to their designs.

10. GIMP – "The Power of Open-Source"

GIMP homepage

GIMP is a free, open-source image editor that’s perfect for creating Thanksgiving cards. It offers a wide range of tools for those willing to delve into more advanced editing. While it has a steeper learning curve, GIMP’s comprehensive features make it a powerful tool for detailed and customized card designs. It’s ideal for users with some graphic design experience or those interested in exploring more complex editing techniques.


  • Pros & Cons:
    • Pros: Free and open-source, comprehensive editing tools.
    • Cons: Steeper learning curve, less intuitive than other options.
  • Best For: Users with some experience in graphic design or those willing to learn more advanced techniques.


There you have it – the 10 best AI Thanksgiving Card Generators to try in 2023. Whether you’re a design newbie or a creative pro, these tools are here to make your Thanksgiving wishes more personal and impressive. So, go ahead, pick your favorite, and start spreading the Thanksgiving spirit!

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