10 Best AI PDF Editor 2024 to Improve Your Work Efficiency

10 Best AI PDF Editor 2024 to Improve Your Work Efficiency cover

Gone are the days of manually editing PDFs. The combination of AI tools and PDF editing tools makes our PDF editing work very different from before, and managing and editing PDFs has never been easier. Whether you need to modify text formatting, extract text, fill in forms, or simply annotate documents, there is an AI PDF editor for you.

Explore the powerful features of the top ten AI PDF editors and choose the tool that meets your needs to improve your work efficiency.

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What is AI PDF Editor?

AI PDF Editor is like an intelligent assistant for your documents. It is based on GPT4.0 as the core of its operation, allowing you to quickly read the document content and complete text processing tasks according to the given instructions, making PDF editing fast and simple. In addition, with advanced features such as text recognition (OCR), automatic text editing, and text format changes, it changes the way you manage PDFs. No longer do you need to spend a lot of time manually editing lengthy copywriting content – AI PDF Editor can handle everything with just a few clicks. It is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to simplify document tasks and improve work efficiency.

1. ProPDF - The Versatile Solution


This multi-functional PDF editor developed by ProPDF can complete a variety of PDF editing tasks such as creation, editing, annotation, format conversion, document encryption, etc. It is a good choice as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It is widely applicable and can be easily used by both professionals and daily users.

Features of ProPDF:

  • Document scanning technology: Convert scanned documents or images into editable text.
  • Complete editing tools: Provide a wide range of text editing tools, including adding annotations, watermarks, etc.
  • Secure sharing options: Ensure your documents are shared safely with advanced encryption and secure links.
  • PDF format conversion: PDF can be converted to image formats such as PNG, JPG, etc.

Community Reviews and Ratings:

ProPDF received a solid rating of 4.6 points. Users praised its comprehensive feature set and ease of use, highlighting its reliable performance and versatility in handling various PDF tasks.


  • Monthly plan: $15/month (Billed Monthly)
  • Annual plan: $5/month (billed annually)
  • Perpetual license: $192 (one-time payment)

2. UPDF - The Annotation Pro


UPDF excels in providing powerful annotation and image insertion features, making it an ideal choice for users who frequently mark up documents. It also includes advanced text editing tools and a user-friendly design to improve your productivity and document management experience.

Features of UPDF:

  • Advanced Text Editing: Allows precise text modification and formatting.
  • Image Insertion: Easily add and manipulate images in PDFs.
  • Content Annotation Tools: Set up a variety of tools such as highlighting, commenting, and other markup options to enhance your documents.

Community Reviews and Ratings:

Rated 4.6, UPDF is highly regarded for its seamless annotation capabilities and user-friendly interface. Most users love its efficiency and precision in editing.


UPDF Pro: 52.99$/Perpetual or 32.99$/Year

UPDF AI:59.00$/Year(Standard) or  99.00$/Year (Unlimited)

UPDF Pro + AI: 

  • UPDF Pro Plans: 47.99$/Perpetual or 29.99$/Year
  • UPDF AI Plans: 36.00$/Year(Standard) or 79.00$/Year(Unlimited)

3. GoPDF - The Secure Sharer


GoPDF is a great choice for users who prioritize document security and accurate text extraction. Its secure sharing feature ensures your documents are handled safely, while OCR technology makes it a breeze to extract text from images and scanned documents.

Features of GoPDF:

  • Scan to extract text: Scan images and convert them into editable text.
  • Document sharing: Share your files online to collaborate with team members.
  • Multi-format support: Convert PDF to JPG, Word, and other document formats.
  • Document merger: Merge more than one PDF document into a single document.

Community reviews and ratings:

Rated 4.4, GoPDF is appreciated for its focus on security and text extraction features. Users find it reliable and easy to use.


  • Free plan: free to use basic functions
  • Monthly plan: pro plan:$9.99/month, business plan:$29.99/month
  • Annual plan: pro plan:89.99/Yearly, business plan:$269.99/Yearly

4. Foxit - The Professional's Choice


Foxit is a PDF editor that focuses on optimizing user experience. Its comprehensive functions and simple and intuitive design make it popular among users. In addition to providing comprehensive text editing tools, it also applies AI to text summarization, and further enhances the interaction between users and PDF through the powerful GPT4.0. In addition, Foxit has friendly cooperation with multiple vendors to create powerful and secure document management and advanced collaboration tools, which is an ideal choice for enterprises and professionals.

Features of Foxit

  • Advanced text editing: a comprehensive tool for modifying and formatting text to meet professional standards.
  • Secure document management: excellent document encryption technology and secure sharing protection to ensure the confidentiality of documents.
  • Collaboration tools: allow multiple users to collaborate on documents in real time and improve work efficiency.
  • Document scanning technology: accurately convert scanned documents and images into editable text.

Community reviews and ratings:

Foxit is rated 4.5. Users appreciate its wide range of functions and reliability, and praise its efficiency in professional and business environments.


PDF Editor Suite:

  • For Teams: 129$/year (pro plan:159$/year)
  • For Individuals 2024: 109.99$/year (pro plan:139.99$/year)
  • For Education 2024:39.99$/year

PDF Editor Cloud for Individuals: 59.99$/year

PDF Editor Suite Pro PDF Editor Cloud for Education:4.99$/year

5. PDFfiller - The Form Specialist


PDFfiller excels in form filling and secure sharing, making it perfect for handling official documents. It offers advanced form filling, text editing, and secure sharing options, providing a comprehensive solution for professionals.

Features of PDFfiller:

  • Advanced Form Filling: Easily fill out, edit, and save PDF forms.
  • Secure Sharing: Share documents safely with encryption and secure links.
  • Text Editing: Comprehensive tools for modifying and formatting text.

Community Reviews and Ratings:

With a rating of 4.5, PDFfiller is praised for its form filling and security features. Users find it reliable and efficient for handling official documents.


  • Free Plan: 30-day free trial
  • Basic Plan: $20/month (billed annually:$8/month)
  • Plus Plan: $30/month (billed annually:$12/month)
  • Premium Plan: $40/month (billed annually:$15/month)

6. Type AI - The Intelligent Editor


Type AI is a document processing tool focused on AI applications, integrating advanced AI features to enhance user interaction with various documents, including document generation, real-time text suggestion generation, text editing and other functions. It is ideal for users seeking AI generation technology to optimize document processing work.

Features of Type AI:

  • AI Integration: Use artificial intelligence for smarter text recognition and editing.
  • Advanced Text Editing: Precise tools for modifying text and formatting.
  • Document Scan and Convert: Convert scanned documents and images to editable text with high accuracy.

Community Reviews and Ratings:

Type AI has a rating of 4.7, and users are impressed by its AI features and user-friendly interface. It is praised for its high accuracy and advanced features.


  • Annual billing: $23/month
  • Monthly billing: $29/month

7. LightPDF - The Simplified Solution


LightPDF is a program dedicated to providing users with a full range of PDF editing functions. It provides very comprehensive functions including PDF to Word, document image scanning and conversion, PDF compression, PDF merging, etc. Recently, the platform launched ChatPDF, which allows users to complete PDF editing work by chatting with AI on the platform. It is very suitable for users who need to solve complex tasks quickly and can provide a smooth and intuitive user experience.

LightPDF features:

  • Basic text editing: Simple tools for modifying and formatting text, suitable for daily use.
  • Secure sharing: Provides secure sharing options to protect your documents during transmission.
  • Automatically complete tasks: Give instructions to AI to quickly complete editing work.
  • Document scanning and conversion function: Convert scanned documents and images to editable text.

Community reviews and ratings:

LightPDF has a rating of 4.2, and users praise its simplicity and ease of use, making it the first choice for basic PDF tasks.


  • Free: 3 days free trial
  • Personal: $19.99(Billed Monthly),$59.99(Billed Annually), $99.99(3 Years),$13.99(Weekly Pass)
  • Business: $99.99/ Year, $129.90(1 user)/ 2 Years

8. PDFelement - The All-in-One Solution


PDFelement is an AI PDF editor designed for personal and corporate use. It provides users with a one-stop PDF solution powered by AI. It can quickly edit PDF, convert PDF document formats, translate or rewrite the content of PDF documents. It can be used on multiple types of platform devices, such as PC, mobile, etc.

Features of PDFelement:

  • Comprehensive Text Editing: Advanced tools for text modification and formatting, ensuring high-quality documents.
  • Form Creation and Filling: Easily create, fill out, and save PDF forms.
  • Secure Document Handling: Provides encryption and secure sharing to protect your documents.
  • OCR Technology: Converts scanned documents and images into editable text with excellent accuracy.

Community Reviews and Ratings:

PDFelement holds a rating of 4.6. Users appreciate its versatility and comprehensive feature set, making it a top choice for diverse PDF tasks.


Individuals Plan: 

  • Perpetual Plan:US$129.99
  • Yearly Plan$79.99 /year
  • 2-Year Plan:$109.99

Team& Business: $139


  • PDFelement Pro for Win: $47.99 Yearly Plan – 1 User
  • PDFelement Pro for Win: $99.99Perpetual License – 1 User

9. Forma - The Form Specialist


Forma excels in creating, filling out, and managing forms, and provides a comprehensive set of PDF editing tools. In addition, Forma attaches great importance to the security of user documents. All user documents are encrypted and protected on Forma, making it an ideal choice for professionals who handle a large number of forms.

Features of Forma:

  • Advanced form creation: Easily create, fill out, and manage PDF forms with comprehensive tools.
  • Secure document sharing: Provides encryption and secure links to protect your documents during sharing.
  • Text editing tools: Provides reliable tools to modify and format text in PDFs.

Comunity reviews and ratings:

Forma has a rating of 4.4. Users appreciate its form processing capabilities and ease of use, making it the first choice for form-intensive tasks.


  • Forma Pro: $4.99~$39.99

10. PDFgear - The Efficiency Booster


PDFgear is designed for efficient PDF editing. It supports reading, editing, converting, merging and signing PDF files across devices, and is completely free and does not require registration. It has a very wide range of PDF editing functions while taking into account the compatibility of user documents, and can easily edit and convert documents. Whether it is personal use or corporate teams, PDFgear is very suitable for use.

PDFgear features:

  • Quick text editing: A fast tool for modifying and formatting text, perfect for editing anytime, anywhere.
  • Document conversion: Ability to convert PDF to and from Word, TXT, JPG, Excel, PPT and other documents. Batch conversion is also provided.
  • Annotation tools: Includes highlighting, commenting and other markup options to easily annotate documents.
  • OCR technology: Accurately convert scanned documents and images into editable text.

Community reviews and ratings:

PDFgear has a rating of 4.3. Users emphasize its speed and efficiency, praising its ease of use and comprehensive feature set.


  • Free to use


There you have it, the top 10 AI PDF editors that can take your work efficiency to the next level. Each of these tools offers unique features to cater to different needs, from secure sharing to advanced AI integrations. Choose the one that best fits your requirements and start enhancing your productivity today!

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