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What is Undress AI?

Undress AI is an artificial intelligence-driven program designed to remove clothing from personal images, creating a modified version of the image without the clothing. The technology relies on a deep learning algorithm, the DeepNude algorithm. However, when using this technology, it is necessary to avoid infringing on other people’s privacy, abuse and other issues, otherwise it will lead to a series of usage disputes.

How does Undress AI Work?

Using sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms trained on thousands of images, Undress AI can accurately predict and render what a person will look like without clothes on. After the user uploads the photo, he selects the corresponding settings, such as body shape, age, skin color and other factors, and then the application generates the corresponding nude version. The technology identifies fabric and other clothing materials in images, isolates those areas, and digitally reconstructs occluded parts of the body based on inferred body shape and skin tone.

Undress AI Details

Price: Freemium
Tag:NSFW AI Image, AI Nude Generator
Developer(s): Undress AI.APP

Using the Undress AI tool to generate images without consent poses significant legal and ethical risks, potentially constituting infringement and privacy violations, subjecting violators to legal consequences.

Key Features of Undress AI

  1. Artificial Intelligence Undresser: Undress AI uses an intelligent computer program based on a large collection of pictures. The program creates a picture of a person without clothes after finding designs and parts related to clothing.

  2. Easy to use: People can go to the Undress AI website, post a photo of a clothed person, and the site will create a photo of the same person without clothes.

  3. Ready to use: Free service available on the official website undress.app.

  4. High Speed: Quickly remove clothes from photos in seconds.

  5. Security and Privacy: Undress AI uses strong encryption to keep data safe.

Pricing of Undress AI

Subscription Plan Price Per Month Credits Quality of Results Additional Features
Free Trial
Limited access, taste of app's capabilities
Basic Plan
Access to body type traits, faster queue
Standard Plan
Faster generation times, no waiting in queues
Pro Plan
$37.99 (from $90)
Body type and age traits, no watermarks, priority processing

How to use Undress AI?

  1. Visit Undress AI: Open your browser and enter Undress.app in the search bar to visit the official website. You can access the website using a device such as a desktop, laptop or smartphone.

  2. Join the Undress AI Discord server: Click “Launch App” on the website and choose to join the Undress AI Discord server. You can choose to log in with a Discord account, or create a new server to join the server and access community support and Undress AI tools.

  1. Upload and set parameters: First, just click on the “Upload” button and select the image you want to edit. Make sure it’s in a standard format, such as JPEG or PNG. Once you’ve uploaded your image, you can adjust the nudity level slider to your liking, from fully clothed to fully undressed.

  2. Download your image: After fine-tuning your settings, click Process. The tool will operate on the image according to the parameters you set. Once processing is complete, you will be able to view and download the edited image. It will be available for download in the same format as when you uploaded it.

Upload and Set Parameters image

Undress AI VS Other AI Undress Tools

In the ever-changing world of AI, there are quite a few platforms offering some cool features in the NSFW (Not Safe for Work) space. In addition to Undress AI, there are many artificial intelligence programs worth trying. Let’s take a closer look at the following few.

1. Undressing: Real Art Generator

Undressing is an amazing platform that, in addition to combining advanced artificial intelligence technology with user prompts, also optimizes the ability to refine text, which improves user experience while retaining the accuracy of the original content.

2. SoulGen: The Anime Art Maestro

SoulGen stands out as a platform dedicated to generating high-quality anime art. It’s designed to bring the energy of animation into our lives, plus it provides users with NSFW content, so whether you’re an artist looking for inspiration or an anime enthusiast, SoulGen has you covered.

3. Nudify Online: The Deepnude Specialist

Nudify Online is a platform that can convert ordinary pictures into nude images. As an artificial intelligence platform that provides NSFW content, it can generate images of people without clothes and bikini photos based on artificial intelligence. Users can chat with the Nudify Telegram bot to generate images through its user-friendly interface built on Telegram.

4. Joi AI: The Versatile AI Imagery Tool

Joi AI is a multifunctional platform. It has a bunch of features you won’t find anywhere else, it doesn’t just have NSFW content, it’s an all-encompassing waifu platform generated by AI. Users can upload any image and edit it using “Edit Mode”, choosing between animated or real image styles. In addition, Joi AI also cooperates with famous animators Mr. Orzo and others, and launches new characters every week, so that the image quality on the platform is well guaranteed.

5. Deepnude.to

Deepnude.to is a platform that puts creative expression and customization first. The release of version 2 has further improved image quality and made many optimizations, such as being able to predict breast size more accurately and providing smoother skin tones and textures. Of course, Deepnude.to will still protect customer privacy with excellent performance.

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Undress AI Review

Undress AI is a platform positioned as “the first deep nudity application”. The technology behind it is very interesting. After training on thousands of pictures, it can virtually take off the clothes in any photo with the most accurate To better represent the appearance of the characters in the image without clothes. It is said to have served more than 100,000 users.

The service offers multiple subscription levels, each with different features and quality levels. A commendable detail is that they say they do not keep any data about their customers, thus ensuring complete privacy. However, this application has its own ethical issues. It may be technically impressive, but no one can deny the potential abuse of this technology. People should think twice before using any images that lack appropriate permissions.

People use Undress AI for different reasons, such as curiosity, creating adult content, or just novelty value. What makes it controversial is its ability to generate non-consensual nudity of individuals, both those in the public eye and ordinary citizens, thus violating their privacy and affecting their image, in addition to exposing cyberbullying and harassment. Such incidents often cause emotional harm to the victims.

Risk Warning for Using Undress AI Apps

With the in-depth development and introduction of artificial intelligence, applications that use artificial intelligence to digitally undress individuals (especially women) are becoming more and more popular, causing quite a stir in terms of ethics and legality. These apps essentially modify photos and videos to depict nude people without permission, especially targeting women.

Here are some important considerations:

Potential risks:

Unauthorized image use: These apps often manipulate images without an individual’s consent, potentially leading to legal and ethical issues.

Privacy and rights violations: Creating and sharing these altered images may violate personal privacy and rights, causing harm to the people depicted.

Ethical dilemmas: The use of such technology raises significant moral and ethical questions, particularly regarding consent and the objectification of people.


Use these apps cautiously and responsibly, prioritizing respect for personal privacy and avoiding any potential harm or ethical dilemmas.

It is strongly recommended that those under 18 years of age avoid their use entirely.


Undress AI strictly adheres to data protection regulations and does not store images uploaded by users. All edits are processed in real time on the server and deleted immediately.

Undress AI always emphasizes ethical use guidelines and prohibits the use of Undress AI for unauthorized or sensitive images. Violators may be banned from using Undress AI’s services.

Undress AI uses cutting-edge AI technology and a friendly user interface to provide a high-quality image editing experience while focusing on protecting user privacy.

The legality of images created using Undress AI varies by country. Many jurisdictions have laws prohibiting the creation and distribution of explicit images without consent and classifying them as revenge porn or similar regulations. Recently, some laws have been updated to include AI-generated content, with perpetrators being prosecuted for distributing non-consensual deepfake nudity.

Avoid sharing or posting relevant images online. If you find yourself a victim of such technology, please consider seeking legal advice to enforce your rights and take action.

Parents should be aware that these apps can easily be accessed by children and unintentionally exposed to harmful content. They should educate their children about the risks and ethical issues of such technology and monitor their online activities to prevent exposure to these tools.

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