EssayWriter: Advanced AI Essay Writer and Editor

What is EssayWriter?

EssayWriter is an advanced AI-powered text editor that revolutionizes the way academic essays and papers are written. It is the perfect tool for students, professionals, and educators who aspire to achieve academic excellence and effective communication. The platform simplifies the writing process by offering AI-driven writing assistance, comprehensive research support, and a plethora of tools designed to ensure the creation of a polished final document.

EssayWriter Details

Price: Free

Tag: AI Essay Writer, Essay AI, Essay Writer, Essay Generator, AI Essay Generator

Release time: 2024 

Developer: EssayWriter

EssayWriter Features

  • EssayWriter employs cutting-edge GPT-3.5/4 AI to help users generate ideas and construct well-articulated essays.
  • Users of EssayWriter can access a vast academic database within the platform for thorough research and authoritative support for their arguments.
  • EssayWriter includes a citation tool that simplifies creating references in various academic formats, such as APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.
  • The platform offers immediate content suggestions and editing options to enhance and refine the essay as it is written.
  • EssayWriter also features an integrated plagiarism checker to ensure the uniqueness and originality of the essay content.

How to Use EssayWriter

  1. Visit the official site of EssayWriter, then begin by using EssayWriter’s AI tools to brainstorm and outline your ideas, and create an initial draft of your essay within the platform.
  2. Utilize the integrated academic database to find credible sources and employ the citation generator to add properly formatted references to your essay.
  3. Apply the AI-driven editing tools for real-time suggestions and corrections, and once perfected, use the export feature to download your essay in the desired format.

EssayWriter Reviews

Samantha B. Lowell: EssayWriter’s AI has made essay writing effortlessly efficient for me.

Jonathan C. Maplewood: EssayWriter turned research and citations into a breeze, ensuring my work’s originality.

Melissa F. Sterling: EssayWriter’s AI suggestions and research features transformed writing from daunting to delightful.


How does the AI in EssayWriter improve my writing?

The AI provides real-time suggestions to enhance content, structure, and grammar, helping to improve clarity and coherence in your writing.

Can EssayWriter help prevent plagiarism?

Yes, EssayWriter includes a built-in plagiarism detection system to help ensure the originality of your content.

Is EssayWriter suitable for all academic levels?

Absolutely, EssayWriter is designed to assist writers at any academic level, from high school to postgraduate studies.

How does the integrated research tool work?

It gives you access to a vast database of academic resources, which can be directly cited within your essay using the platform’s citation tools.

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