What is Midjourney Negative Prompt And How To Use?

Midjourney Negative Prompt is a fascinating concept in the realm of AI-driven image generation. It’s a tool that allows users to create images based on textual descriptions while having control over unwanted elements. This article delves into the concept, its applications, and how to utilize it effectively.

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What is Midjourney Negative Prompt?

Midjourney Negative Prompt refers to text commands that allow users to specify what they don’t want in their Midjourney-generated images. These commands work by applying a negative weight or penalty to unwanted elements, making them less likely to appear in the output. This feature enhances control over the image generation process, leading to improved results.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an advanced tool that enables users to create realistic and imaginative images based on written descriptions. It can generate various types of visuals, such as landscapes, portraits, logos, and more. Midjourney’s negative prompts come into play when the generated output may contain unwanted features or objects that do not align with the user’s vision.

How to use Midjourney Negative Prompt?

  1. Using the –no Parameter: Add the “–no” parameter followed by the name of the element you want to remove. Example: a landscape painting –no rivers.
  2. Using Negative Weights: Assign negative weights to specific elements in your prompt, making them less likely to appear. Example: a fantasy landscape using watercolors::0.5 include details like trees::1 mountains::-0.5.
  3. Experiment with Different Combinations: Try different combinations of positive and negative elements to find what works best for your desired outcome.
  4. Use Specific Words: Be specific with your negative prompts to increase their effectiveness. Example: –no text font letters.
  5. Avoid Overusing: Do not overuse negative prompts or try to remove too many elements at once, as this may produce unrealistic results.

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Midjourney Negative Prompt Examples

  • Removing Specific Elements: If you want to create an image of a birthday cake without candles, you can use the negative prompt a birthday cake –no candles. This command will generate an image of a cake, but the candles will be omitted, focusing solely on the cake’s design and other decorations.
  • Changing Content of a Scene: Suppose you want to depict a beautiful meadow but without any flowers. The negative prompt a beautiful meadow –no flowers will create an image of a lush meadow with green grass, perhaps with trees and a blue sky, but without any flowers. This can be useful if you want to emphasize other aspects of the landscape.
  • Constructing a Scene with Negative Text Weights: If you want to create a cityscape with an emphasis on buildings but without vehicles, you can use a cityscape with buildings::1.5 vehicles::-0.5. This will generate an image focusing on the architecture, skyscrapers, and streets, but with fewer or no vehicles. The negative weight on vehicles ensures that they are de-emphasized or excluded from the scene.
  • Using Negative Prompts to Get the Style You Want: If you’re aiming for a specific artistic style, negative prompts can be a powerful tool. For example, anime stormtrooper by studio ghibli –no 3d render realistic will generate an image of a stormtrooper in the distinctive style of Studio Ghibli, avoiding 3D and photorealistic elements. This ensures that the generated image aligns closely with the desired artistic direction.
  • Removing Text from Logos: If you want to create a logo without any text elements, you can use chicken logo, style of Milton Glaser –no text font letters. This will generate a logo focusing on the visual design and omitting any text, allowing for a cleaner and more iconic representation.
  • Avoiding Common Midjourney Weaknesses: Midjourney may struggle with certain elements like hands or text. Using negative prompts like blonde girl leaning on table and smiling at camera –no hands or chicken logo, style of Egon Schiele –no text font letters can help avoid these weaknesses, leading to more accurate and pleasing results.
  • Keeping the Same Seed with Negative Prompts: If you already have an image you like but want to add a negative prompt without changing the overall image, you can use the same seed. For example, light watercolor, interior of a cozy cafe –seed 3817455947 –no people person will recreate the original image without any people, maintaining the same ambiance and details.

These examples illustrate the versatility and power of Midjourney Negative Prompts. By understanding how to use them effectively, users can exert greater control over the generated images, tailoring them to specific needs, styles, and creative visions. Whether it’s refining a scene, avoiding common pitfalls, or experimenting with different artistic directions, Midjourney Negative Prompts open up a world of possibilities.

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Difference between original and Negative Prompt

  • Original Prompts: Generate images based on the given description without any restrictions.
  • Negative Prompts: Allow users to specify unwanted elements, leading to more controlled and refined results.
  • Impact on Style: Negative prompts can help Midjourney emulate a specific style better by focusing on essential elements.
  • Flexibility: Negative prompts offer fine-tuned control, enabling users to create images that align closely with their vision.


Midjourney Negative Prompts are a powerful and innovative tool in the field of AI-driven image generation. They offer users the ability to fine-tune their creations, eliminating or reducing unwanted elements. By understanding and effectively utilizing this feature, Midjourney users can unlock new creative potentials, enhancing their image generation experience. Whether it’s removing specific objects, adjusting styles, or experimenting with different combinations, the possibilities are endless with Midjourney Negative Prompts.

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