7 Best AI Nude Apps You Worth Trying in 2023

The evolution of AI technology has led to the development of various applications that cater to our desires and imaginations. One such domain that has gained significant attention is the AI-powered nude apps. These apps utilize advanced algorithms to generate realistic images, offering users a unique experience. This article delves into the top 7 AI nude apps of 2023, providing insights into their features, pricing, and more.

Dive into the world of AI nude apps with our comprehensive guide on the top 7 apps of 2023. From DeepSwap’s image transformations to SoulGen’s anime creations, discover the capabilities and features of each app.

Using the Undress AI tool to generate images without consent poses significant legal and ethical risks, potentially constituting infringement and privacy violations, subjecting violators to legal consequences.

Undress AI

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Undressing AI


Nudify Online

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What is AI Nude App?

An AI Nude App is a software application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate or modify images, making subjects appear nude. These apps have gained popularity due to their ability to produce realistic results, but they also raise ethical concerns regarding consent and misuse.

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Name Rating Pricing Key Features
Undress AI
10 free trials, manual image editing
Image and video generation, refacing videos, photos, old movies, memes, and GIFs
AI girl generator, image modifications, clothing alterations
Image alterations, multiple subscription plans
Face Swapper
Face swapping, 60-day photo storage
$9.99 for 50 images
Image editing, game features, x-ray feature
Image creation and modifications
AI Porn
Artistic Flair
Generate exhibit and uncensored AI images, customization, vast community
Free Trial
Remove clothing or writing from photographs
AI text to image,AI Body traking
IceGirls AI
Advanced AI, diverse styles, 'Cumshot Generator'
Unstable Diffusion
Style GAN technique, uncensored imagery
Advanced neural networks, browser-based

1. Undress AI - Unveil the Art of Manual Editing

undress ai full

In an era dominated by automated tools, the Undress AI brings back the charm of manual editing. It’s a canvas for users, offering them the brushes and colors to paint their vision. The app’s strength lies in its detailed customization options, from body type to facial features. The 10 free trials act as a teaser, drawing users into the world of endless possibilities. For those who value control and precision, the Undress App is a haven, ensuring every edit is a reflection of the user’s imagination.


  • Offers 10 free trials for new users.
  • Advanced manual editing options.
  • Customizable features like body type, age, and facial attributes.


  • Might require a learning curve for beginners.

Why choose:

Best Suited For: Users who prefer having hands-on control over their image edits.

2. AiNude - The Pinnacle of DeepNude Technology


AiNude is more than just a deepnude alternative; it’s the culmination of advanced AI algorithms and user-centric design. The platform offers a plethora of features, each designed to cater to a specific user need. From basic alterations to intricate edits, AiNude ensures the results are realistic and high-quality. The free trial is a window into the app’s capabilities, enticing users to explore further. In a market filled with competitors, AiNude stands tall, setting benchmarks in quality, user experience, and innovation.


  • Multiple features for diverse image alterations.
  • Offers a free trial for new users.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.


  • Premium features locked behind subscription plans.

Why choose:

Best Suited For: Those who want a mix of automated and manual editing tools.

3.AI Porn - Create Best AI-Generated Porn Images

AI Porn is a cutting-edge platform that offers an AI porn generator, enabling users to craft AI-generated pornographic images. The platform’s essence is its ability to produce lifelike pornographic images using advanced AI algorithms. Whether you’re curious about the technology or exploring its capabilities, AI Porn provides a comprehensive platform for AI-generated adult content.


  • Advanced AI algorithms for generating lifelike pornographic images.
  • User-friendly interface with a dedicated FAQ section addressing common queries.
  • Offers both free and Pro plans, catering to different user needs.
  • Active community support and engagement.


  • Ethical considerations surrounding AI-generated pornographic content.
  • Limited to generating pornographic images, restricting its broader application.

Why choose:

Best Suited For:Individuals who are intrigued by the fusion of AI and adult entertainment.

4. Nudify - Clothing Removal Editor

Nudify is an advanced AI tool that specializes in digitally removing clothing from pictures. This tool is at the forefront of the Undress AI movement, leveraging sophisticated deep learning techniques to modify photos, producing versions where individuals seem unclothed.


  • No-Blur Guarantee: While some platforms might compromise image clarity or produce less-than-ideal outcomes, Nudify.online promises clear, blur-free results at no cost.
  • Tailored Results: Users have the liberty to tweak settings based on body shape and age, ensuring the output aligns closely with their expectations.
  • Speedy Deliverables: Recognized for its promptness, Nudify.online is the go-to for those seeking rapid transformations.


  • Risk of Decontextualization: Like all AI-produced content, there’s always the danger of the images being misrepresented or misconstrued.

Why choose:

Best Suited For:  Creatives, and those seeking light-hearted entertainment.

5. SoulGen - Your Anime Dream Realized

sougen ai home

SoulGen is more than just an AI girl generator; it’s a portal to a world where dreams and reality converge. Designed for anime enthusiasts and creatives alike, SoulGen offers a platform to bring your most vivid imaginations to life. Whether you’ve dreamt of creating a unique anime character or experimenting with existing images, SoulGen provides the tools and the canvas. Its intuitive interface allows for intricate modifications, ensuring every creation is a masterpiece. With SoulGen, you’re not just using an app; you’re embarking on a journey where the only limit is your imagination.


  • Versatile image editing options
  • Ability to create real anime characters
  • Accessible across devices


  • Free trial offers only blurred photos

Why choose:

Best Suited For: Anime enthusiasts and those new to AI deepnude apps.

6. DeepSwap - The Ultimate Image Transformer


DeepSwap is not just another AI-powered image generator; it’s a revolution in the world of digital content creation. Seamlessly blending advanced algorithms with user-friendly interfaces, DeepSwap offers an unparalleled experience in refacing videos, photos, and even classic movies. Whether you’re looking to recreate a meme, transform an old movie scene, or simply experiment with photos, DeepSwap has got you covered. With competitive pricing and a focus on quality, it ensures that every generated content piece is of the highest standard. Dive into the future of content creation with DeepSwap, where imagination meets reality.


  • High-quality image and video production
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable pricing with discounts on yearly plans


  • Limit on the number of photos and videos one can access

Why choose:

Best Suited For: Individuals looking for a comprehensive deepnude solution.

7. DeepNudeNow - Precision at Your Fingertips

deepnude now

In the realm of AI-powered image alteration, DeepNudeNow emerges as a beacon of precision and flexibility. This platform is not just another tool; it’s an experience tailored for both novices and experts. With a diverse range of subscription plans, it caters to sporadic users and dedicated enthusiasts alike. The platform’s strength lies in its user-centric approach, ensuring that every alteration resonates with the user’s vision. While its cryptocurrency-only payment might be a hurdle for some, it’s a testament to the app’s forward-thinking approach, embracing the future of digital transactions.


  • Multiple subscription plans, from daily to yearly.
  • User-friendly interface for easy alterations.
  • High-quality image output.


  • Payments can only be made with cryptocurrency.
  • Limited features in the basic plan.

Why choose:

Best Suited For: Those who want a flexible subscription plan and are comfortable with cryptocurrency payments.

8. Face Swapper - Swap, Store, and More


Face Swapper transcends the conventional boundaries of face-swapping tools. It’s a harmonious blend of technology and user experience, ensuring every swap is as realistic as it gets. Beyond its primary function, the app offers a storage feature, allowing users to revisit their creations. The three-day free trial acts as a gateway for the curious, showcasing the app’s capabilities. In a world where digital identities are fluid, Face Swapper stands as a testament to the endless possibilities of AI, offering users a chance to reimagine themselves.


  • Unlimited face swaps with high precision.
  • Offers a three-day free trial.
  • Stores altered photos for up to 60 days.


  • Monthly plan might be pricey for some users.

Why choose:

Best Suited For: Individuals looking for a dedicated face-swapping tool with storage options.

9. SukebeZone - Dive into the World of Perfection


SukebeZone is not just an app; it’s a journey into the world of impeccable image editing. Designed with a focus on precision, it offers features that resonate with perfectionists. From its unique x-ray feature to the engaging games that let users earn credits, every aspect is curated to enhance user engagement. The flexibility in payment options, including cryptocurrency, showcases its commitment to user convenience. In a saturated market, SukebeZone distinguishes itself by prioritizing quality, ensuring every image is a masterpiece.


  • Offers a unique hot x-ray feature.
  • Multiple payment options, including crypto and credit cards.
  • Engaging games to earn free credits.


  • Limited features in the basic plan.

Why choose:

Best Suited For: Perfectionists who want detailed control over their image alterations.

10.PornJourney - Dive into Adult Content

Promptchan AI homepage

PornJourney is a dedicated platform that delivers adult content to its users. The essence of PornJourney lies in its vast collection of adult content, ensuring users have a diverse range of options to explore. Whether you’re seeking specific genres or just browsing, PornJourney offers a comprehensive adult content experience.


  • Extensive collection of adult content.
  • User-friendly interface with clear navigation options.
  • Current promotion offering a lifetime discount of up to 60% off.
  • Dedicated FAQ section to address user queries.
  • Multiple language support for a broader audience reach.


  • Age-restricted content; users must be over 18 years old to access.
  • Ethical considerations surrounding the consumption of adult content.

Why choose:

Best Suited For: Digital artists, enthusiasts, and designers.

11.CrazyHorseAI:Revolutionizing AI Image Generation with Text-to-Image Technology

CrazyHorseAI homepage

CrazyHorseAI presents a groundbreaking AI tool that utilizes stable diffusion to transform text into stunning images, specifically focusing on creating AI-generated female characters. This platform offers high-quality image delivery, making it an ideal choice for various applications, websites, or workflows. Users can upload a photo and input prompts to modify clothes, hair, body, pose, or background, thus creating more magnificent and personalized AI-generated images. CrazyHorseAI’s API provides functionalities like natural language processing, emotional intelligence, customizable appearance and personality traits, and adaptive learning capabilities, enhancing the user experience in creating AI girls.

  • Pros:
    • High-quality image generation.
    • User-friendly interface for customizations.
    • Advanced features like natural language processing and emotional intelligence.
    • Versatile for various applications and workflows.
  • Cons:
    • Focused primarily on AI-generated female characters, which may limit its scope.
    • Ethical considerations in the creation and use of AI-generated images.
    • Potential for misuse in non-consensual image manipulation

Why choose:

Best Suited For: Users interested in AI image generation, particularly in creating personalized AI female characters for applications, websites, or digital storytelling.

12.Undressing.io: Advanced AI for Detailed Fantasy Realization

undressing io homepage

Harnessing the power of sophisticated AI, Undressing.io revolutionizes the concept of fantasy realization by digitally “undressing” photos according to user specifications. This platform, built on cutting-edge technology, diverges significantly from controversial predecessors like DeepNude, emphasizing user agency and detailed preference customization.


  • Detailed Customization: Undressing.io stands out with its ability to cater to detailed user fantasies. From specifying physical features such as breast size to selecting accessories, users have unprecedented control over the end result.
  • Diverse Applications: The system’s versatility is evident in its feature that allows the undressing of any gender, showcasing its commitment to inclusivity and broad user appeal.
  • Advanced AI Integration: The platform’s use of text-to-image AI and specialized filters signifies a leap in personalized content creation, moving beyond generic results to truly individualized experiences.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With AI body tracking, users are spared the technical hassle. The system autonomously identifies the areas for modification, considering pose, frame, and individual peculiarities, simplifying the process significantly.


  • Ethical Implications: While striving for user satisfaction, the platform operates in a sensitive domain, making it imperative for users to engage with the technology responsibly.
  • Potential for Misuse: The detailed personalization could be misused if not handled with strict adherence to privacy and consent, necessitating robust guidelines for ethical use.

Why choose:

Best for: Individuals seeking a highly customizable and interactive experience in realizing their fantasies, provided they adhere to ethical standards of use.

13.IceGirls AI: Customizable AI-Powered Adult Entertainment

IceGirls AI marks a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of digital adult entertainment, harnessing the power of advanced AI to offer a highly customizable experience. This innovative platform is renowned for its ability to generate a wide array of adult content, ranging from realistic to various animated styles such as Anime, UltraRealistic, Disney, and Hentai. A standout feature is the ‘Cumshot Generator’, exemplifying the platform’s dedication to providing unique and tailored experiences. IceGirls AI’s premium custom prompt feature further enhances user control, allowing for the creation of content that precisely aligns with individual preferences. This platform is a game-changer for those seeking a personalized and diverse AI-powered adult content experience, integrating key aspects of AI Nude Apps into its core functionality.


  • Advanced AI for generating diverse and realistic images.
  • Wide selection of styles to cater to different tastes.
  • Unique ‘Cumshot Generator’ for specialized content.
  • Premium customization options for greater user control.


  • Inconsistency in the quality of AI-generated images.
  • Ethical and legal challenges in adult content production.
  • Additional costs for premium features.
  • Need for improved customer support.

Why choose:

Best Suited For:IceGirls AI is ideal for users seeking an AI Nude App experience that offers extensive customization and unique features, particularly those who value the ability to tailor content to their specific desires.

14.Unstable Diffusion: AI-Driven Surrealism Unleashed

Unstable Diffusion is a pioneering AI image generator, specializing in the creation of surreal and mesmerizing visuals through the Style GAN technique. This platform is distinguished by its uncensored approach, offering users an extraordinary level of freedom to customize and explore artistic possibilities. It excels in producing a diverse array of visuals, ranging from abstract art to daring and provocative concepts, thus redefining the limits of digital artistry. Unstable Diffusion empowers users to fine-tune the generation process, including aspects like color schemes and styles, to match their unique artistic vision. It’s a sanctuary for artists and enthusiasts eager to delve into the realms of their creativity, crafting visuals that transcend traditional norms. Incorporating elements of AI Nude Apps, it stands as a versatile tool for those who dare to explore the unconventional in digital art.


  • Exceptional versatility in visual generation.
  • Unrestricted, boundary-pushing imagery.
  • Extensive customization options.
  • Realistic and intricately detailed images.


  • Accessible primarily through Discord.
  • Risk of generating potentially harmful content.
  • May necessitate guidance for best results.

Why choose:

Best Suited For:Unstable Diffusion is ideal for users seeking an innovative AI art generator that excels in creating unique and highly customizable surreal visuals.

15.WaifuXL: Elevating Anime Art with AI-Powered Super Resolution

waifuxl showcase

WaifuXL stands as a cutting-edge AI tool, specifically crafted for enhancing anime-style art. It utilizes sophisticated neural networks to upscale images and GIFs, offering superior quality directly through your browser. This tool represents a significant advancement over its predecessor, Waifu2x, by providing faster processing and enhanced results. WaifuXL operates seamlessly in-browser, negating the need for any downloads, and is frequently updated for optimal performance, with the latest version being WaifuXL v1.5.0. A notable feature is its tagging system, which aids in efficient image categorization. While it’s specifically optimized for anime art upsampling, its advanced technology makes it a potential candidate for AI Nude App applications, catering to a niche but growing interest in high-quality, anime-style adult content. 


  • Superior image upsampling with advanced neural networks.
  • Convenient browser-based operation, no downloads needed.
  • Regular updates, ensuring cutting-edge performance.
  • Efficient tagging system for image categorization.


  • Limited to anime-style art, not versatile for other genres.
  • Dependence on a stable internet connection.

Why choose:

Best Suited For:WaifuXL is ideal for anime enthusiasts and those interested in AI Nude App applications within the anime art style, aiming to enhance and upscale their digital art collections.


The realm of AI nude apps is vast and ever-evolving. While these apps offer a unique experience, it’s essential to use them responsibly and ethically. The apps listed above are among the best in 2023, each offering distinct features catering to different user needs. Whether you’re an anime enthusiast, a developer, or someone curious about the capabilities of AI, there’s an app on this list for you.

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