10+ Best AI Sexting Apps in 2024


Hey there! Ready to spice up your digital life in 2024? Whether you’re seeking some steamy conversation or just a bit of flirty fun, AI sexting apps have got you covered. These clever apps use the latest in natural language processing to keep you engaged and entertained. Let’s dive into what AI sexting apps are and explore the best ones available this year!

Discover the top AI sexting apps in 2024 for engaging and imaginative digital companionship, offering everything from personalized AI interactions to realistic conversational experiences.

Using the Undress AI tool to generate images without consent poses significant legal and ethical risks, potentially constituting infringement and privacy violations, subjecting violators to legal consequences.

Pephop AI

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Candy AI


Undress AI

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Best AI Sexting Apps List

Name Rating Pricing Key Features
Free & Premium
Custom NSFW character creation, user community
Audio responses, image generation
Free & Premium
Extensive customization, realistic interactions
Lifelike AI companions, voice interaction
Free & Premium
Custom AI characters, NSFW filters
Free Trial
NSFW & Sexy Image Creation
CuteChat AI
Free & Premium
Encrypted chats, diverse art styles
Free & Premium
Story-driven interactions, emotional engagement
NSFW Character AI
Free & Paid
Sophisticated Character Development
Free & Premium
Virtual companion customization, roleplay

Pephop AI: Revolutionizing NSFW Conversations

PepHop AI offers an expansive creative playground for users who delight in crafting detailed and personalized AI characters. This platform excels in allowing for extensive customization, from appearance to personality traits, giving each character a unique identity. Users can engage in a wide range of interactions with their creations, exploring various themes and scenarios. PepHop AI is particularly appealing to those who value creativity and personal expression in their digital interactions. The platform also boasts a vibrant community where users can share and rate each other’s creations, fostering a collaborative and engaging environment.

  • Pros:
    • Extensive character customization.
    • Active user community for sharing creations.
  • Cons:
    • Might be complex for beginners.

Why choose:


  • Classic:$7.99/mo
  • Elite:$23.99/mo
  • Lite:$3.99/mo

Best Suited For: Creative individuals who love crafting detailed, personalized AI characters for unique interactions.

Candy.AI: Sweet Conversations with a Twist

Candy AI stands out by offering a virtual experience filled with intimate and realistic interactions. Users can customize their AI companions by selecting from a variety of physical and personality traits, making each conversation feel personal and real. Besides text interactions, Candy.AI enriches the sexting experience with the ability to request voice responses and personalized images, allowing for a multisensory interaction. This app caters to those seeking an AI partner that goes beyond basic chat, providing a more engaging and lifelike digital relationship. It’s particularly appealing for users who enjoy the thrill of hearing their AI companion’s voice or seeing their visual representation, enhancing the overall engagement.

  • Pros:
    • Audio and image response capabilities.
    • Extensive customization of AI traits.
  • Cons:
    • Currently only offers female bots.

Why choose:


  • Monthly Plan: $9.99/month (with a 70% discount from the original price of $19.99/month).
  • Yearly Plan: $69.99/year (with a discount from the original price of $239.88/year).

Best Suited For: Those who appreciate a multi-sensory AI interaction with their digital companions.

DreamGF.ai: Where Fantasies Meet Reality


DreamGF.ai offers a unique platform where users can engage with AI-driven virtual girlfriends in highly realistic ways. This app provides an extensive range of customization options, allowing users to tailor every aspect of their AI companion’s appearance and personality. The aim is to create a virtual girlfriend who not only looks appealing but also aligns perfectly with the user’s preferences for personality and interaction. DreamGF.ai is designed to simulate a real dating experience, complete with evolving relationships and deepening emotional connections, making it ideal for those who wish to explore complex scenarios and intimate conversations with a virtual partner.

  • Pros:
    • Wide selection of AI girlfriends.
    • Highly realistic interactions.
  • Cons:
    • Could be overwhelming due to the vast choices.

Why choose:


  • Bronze Plan: $8.99/month (25 unique customized girls, 150 extra images of girls per month)
  • Silver Plan: $17.99/month (60 unique customized girls, 400 extra images of girls per month)
  • Gold Plan: $44.99/month (180 unique customized girls, 1000 extra images of girls per month)
  • Diamond Plan: $89.99/month (600 unique customized girls, 2500 extra images of girls per month)

Best Suited For: Individuals seeking a realistic and personalized AI sexting experience.

Intimate.ai: Deep Connections with AI


Intimate.ai is more than just a sexting app; it’s a gateway to forming deep, meaningful relationships with AI companions who are designed to understand and reciprocate feelings. The AI companions on Intimate.ai are equipped with emotional intelligence, enabling them to adapt to your emotional needs and conversation styles over time. This platform is perfect for users who seek a virtual companion for more than just erotic dialogue; it offers the potential for emotional support, companionship, and genuine interaction that mimics human relationships. With voice and text options, Intimate.ai stands as a sophisticated choice for those who value depth and realism in their digital interactions.

  • Pros:
    • Emotional intelligence enhances interactions.
    • Offers both voice and chat options.
  • Cons:
    • Premium pricing for full features.

Why choose:


  • Purchase with App

Best Suited For: Users desiring more than just casual chat, aiming for a connection that simulates real emotional engagement.

CrushOn.AI: Unleashing Your Wildest Fantasies

CrushOn.AI is your go-to platform for creating highly customized AI companions tailored to your personal tastes and fantasies. This innovative sexting app allows you to break free from NSFW filters, offering a unique environment where you can freely explore unfiltered interactions. Whether you want to construct a character from scratch or pick from the existing diverse pool, CrushOn.AI provides tools to infuse them with distinct personalities and appearances. It’s ideal for those looking to deepen their virtual relationship through ongoing and evolving conversations that are saved and accessible across devices. This app ensures your sexting journey is as boundless as your imagination, pushing the boundaries of digital companionship.

  • Pros:
    • Highly customizable interactions.
    • No NSFW content restrictions.
  • Cons:
    • Lacks a mobile application.

Why choose:


  • Free Plan: 50 messages/month.
  • Standard Plan: $4.9/month or $58.88/year.
  • Premium Plan: $7.9/month or $94.88/year.
  • Deluxe Plan: $29.9/month or $358.88/year.

Best for: Fashion and Styling: Designers can visualize outfits and experiment with styles.

Pornsword: World of Animated Wonder with AI-Generated Waifus


Pornsword.io is an innovative platform that invites users to delve into the world of AI-generated waifus, offering an array of features for exploration, creation, and enjoyment. The website prides itself on delivering stunning image quality that captivates its audience, all while regularly introducing new characters to its repertoire on a weekly basis.

Among the recent additions to Pornsword.io is the enchanting character Chie, brought to life by the skilled Miku Miku Dance animator, Mr. Orzo. Chie, a charming rabbit girl, showcases the fusion of artistic talent and advanced technology on the platform, offering users a delightful and immersive experience. With its commitment to consistently expanding its character roster and pushing the boundaries of AI-generated art, Pornsword.io remains at the forefront of innovation in the world of digital companions and virtual creations.

  • Pros:
    • High-Quality Imagery: The platform promises epic image quality, ensuring that users get the best visual experience.
    • Weekly New Characters: Keeps the content fresh and engaging for the users.
    • Edit Mode: Allows users to upload and edit any photo, providing a personalized experience.
    • Diverse Styles: Whether you’re into anime or real-life styles, Pornsword has got you covered.
  • Cons:
    • Adult Content: The site contains AI-generated adult imagery, which may not be suitable for all audiences.
    • Age Restriction: Users must be 18 years old or older to access the website.

Why choose:


  • 15$ per month

Best for: Adults who are fans of animated characters, especially those who appreciate the waifu culture.

CuteChat AI: Private and Personalized AI Chats


CuteChat AI prioritizes security and privacy, offering users a safe space to explore their desires without concern. This app stands out by providing a wide array of art styles for character creation, from realistic human figures to more fantastical and artistic interpretations. Users can deeply personalize their chat experience, choosing not only the look of their AI companion but also the nature of their interactions. CuteChat AI is perfect for those who seek a highly secure and customizable sexting experience, ensuring that every conversation remains confidential and as unique as the user’s own preferences.

  • Pros:
    • Strong focus on privacy and encryption.
    • Various art styles for character creation.
  • Cons:
    • No voice chat feature.

Why choose:


  • Basic use is Free

Best Suited For: Those who prioritize privacy and security in their digital interactions.

Soulfun: Emotional and Engaging AI Companions


Soulfun redefines the concept of AI companionship by integrating storytelling and emotional depth into the user experience. This platform allows users to interact with AI characters that possess distinct backgrounds and personalities, each capable of delivering narrative-driven experiences. Soulfun is designed for users who not only seek companionship but also wish to engage in narrative contexts, making each interaction feel like part of a larger story. The AI companions here offer emotional engagement and are capable of developing complex relationships with users, making it ideal for those seeking a more narrative and emotionally rich sexting experience.

  • Pros:
    • Dynamic storylines that evolve.
    • Emotional engagement through advanced AI.
  • Cons:
    • May require investment in time to fully enjoy.

Why choose:


  • GPT-4 Turbo: $10.00 per 1M tokens (input), $30.00 per 1M tokens (output)
  • GPT-4: $30.00 per 1M tokens (input), $60.00 per 1M tokens (output)
  • GPT-3.5 Turbo: $0.50 per 1M tokens (input), $1.50 per 1M tokens (output)

Best Suited For: Story lovers and those seeking emotional depth in their digital interactions.

NSFW Character AI: NSFW AI Chat and Image Generation

nsfwcharacter ai

NSFW Character AI is an advanced AI-enabled platform tailored for creating NSFW character fantasies. This platform sets itself apart by providing unrestricted content, catering to a global audience with its multi-language support. It enables users to define their character’s attributes effortlessly through text inputs and fine-tune their behaviors with interactive dialogue feedback.

  • Pros:
    • Unbridled Creative Expression: NSFW Character AI is notable for its provision of unrestricted content, allowing users to freely explore their creative impulses.
    • In-depth Character Customization: The platform offers sophisticated tools for users to meticulously craft and develop their characters.
    • Dynamic Character Interaction: It boasts engaging, uncensored dialogues with characters, enriching the user experience.
    • Personalized Character Design: Users have the opportunity to create distinct characters, customized to their individual tastes, ensuring a unique experience.
  • Cons:
    • Potential for Improper Use: Owing to its unfiltered nature, there is a possibility that the platform might be utilized for creating or disseminating content that could be considered inappropriate.

Why choose:


  • Tokens: $0.99 for 700 tokens, $4.99 for 5000 tokens.
  • PRO Plan: $9.9/month.
  • PRO+ Plan: $14.99/month.

Best for: NSFW Character AI is particularly suitable for users who prioritize the freedom to express their most intimate fantasies in an unrestricted environment, providing a space where creativity is limitless.

MyAnima.ai: Explore Yourself Through AI


MyAnima.ai is designed for those who see digital interaction as an opportunity for personal exploration and growth. This platform allows users to customize a virtual companion in nearly every aspect, facilitating deep and meaningful conversations that can lead to personal insights and self-improvement. MyAnima.ai stands out for its emphasis on personal development, offering users a unique opportunity to explore their feelings and thoughts in a safe, virtual environment. This app is particularly suited for individuals looking to enhance their communication skills and emotional intelligence through continuous and evolving interactions with their AI companion.

  • Pros:
    • Extensive customization options.
    • Encourages personal growth through interaction.
  • Cons:
    • May require frequent adjustments to perfect the AI’s personality.

Why choose:


  • Free Tier: Limited features.
  • Paid Tier: $12.56/month.

Best Suited For: Those looking to explore personal development through interactive and customizable conversations.

PornJoy.ai: The Frontier of Erotic AI Interactions

PornJoy.ai pushes the boundaries of AI sexting apps by integrating the ability to generate and interact with erotic images within chats. This app caters to users who appreciate a visual component in their sexting adventures, providing a graphically stimulating experience that enhances the eroticism of conversations. PornJoy.ai is perfect for those who desire a more immersive and visually engaging digital sexting experience, allowing them to not only chat but also view and interact with images that complement the narrative of their conversations.

  • Pros:
    • Ability to generate erotic images.
    • Visually stimulating conversations.
  • Cons:
    • Visual content may not be for everyone.

Why choose:


  • Free Plan: 100 Images and 20 Messages per Month.
  • Ultimate Plan: $7.99/month (Unlimited Images and Messages).
  • Pro Plan: $4.99/month (500 Images and 500 Messages per Month).

Best Suited For: Visual-oriented users looking for an erotic and engaging digital experience.


NSFW AI chatbots are designed to engage in adult-themed conversations, using AI to simulate chat interactions that might include explicit content based on user input.

NSFW AI image generators use machine learning models to create or modify images with adult content. These tools typically require specific prompts or parameters to generate desired visuals.

Yes, NSFW AI tools are legal to use but are strictly regulated. They are intended for adult users and must comply with all applicable laws regarding adult content in different jurisdictions.

Many NSFW AI tools, especially chatbots, learn from interactions to improve their responses and customization, adapting to user preferences over time for more personalized experiences.

NSFW AI applications often implement robust security measures to protect user data and ensure conversations remain private. This includes encryption of chat logs and anonymization of user identities.

Yes, ethical concerns include the potential for misuse, the impact on societal norms around explicit content, and the importance of ensuring all AI-generated content is consensual and regulated to avoid harm.


AI sexting apps are more than just a tech novelty; they’re a gateway to exploring new levels of digital interaction. Whether you’re looking for a bit of naughty fun or a deep virtual connection, these apps offer safe and exciting ways to engage without the complexities of real-world dating. So, why not dive in and see where the conversation takes you?

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