10+ Best AI Sexting Apps in 2024


Hey! Are you ready for new flirting fun in 2024? Whether you’re looking for some steamy conversation or just a casual conversation, an AI sexting app has you covered. These clever apps use the latest natural language processing technology to keep you engaged and entertained. Let’s take a deeper look at what AI sexting apps are and discover the best ones this year!

Discover the top AI sexting apps in 2024 for engaging and imaginative digital companionship, offering everything from personalized AI interactions to realistic conversational experiences.

Best AI Sexting Apps List

Pephop AI: Revolutionizing NSFW Conversations

PepHop AI is a platform focusing on NSFW content. Through advanced algorithms, it truly restores the personality characteristics and background stories of anime characters. Here, users can have a role-playing experience and become a member of the anime. The anime characters play Relevant interactive experiences. In addition, Pephop AI’s large language model provides dialogue modes in a variety of situations, providing users with high-quality and exciting dialogues. Users can also customize their own anime characters, add character-related attributes, and enhance the immersive experience.


  • Provide NSFW function: Provide NSFW content, users can interact with anime characters for NSFW.
  • Proprietary LLM model: A large language model designed specifically for language interaction to improve the quality of NSFW conversations between users and characters.
  • Multi-mode chat: Supports private and public character chat modes to meet users’ interactive experience needs.
  • Personalized character creation: Allows users to customize the character’s personality and background to enhance the immersive interactive experience.


  • Classic:$7.99/mo
  • Elite:$23.99/mo
  • Lite:$3.99/mo

Candy.AI: Sweet Conversations with a Twist

Candy AI as its name suggests, can bring users a sweet interactive experience. Users can generate images according to their own needs on the platform, or create and interact with their own virtual partners. Candy AI aims to provide users with companionship and entertainment, allowing users to customize the character’s appearance, personality, hobbies, scenes and other content to create the image of their lover in their mind and promote realistic and pleasant interactions. Of course, as a platform that provides NSFW content, user privacy will be given top priority.


  • Personalized AI character: Users can customize the personality, appearance and other factors of the AI companion according to their own preferences.
  • Multi-modal interaction: Users can interact with characters through text, voice and other methods.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy image generation and character creation pages.
  • Safe and reliable: Advanced security measures ensure user privacy and data protection.


  • Monthly Plan: $9.99/month (with a 70% discount from the original price of $19.99/month).
  • Yearly Plan: $69.99/year (with a discount from the original price of $239.88/year).

DreamGF AI: Where Fantasies Meet Reality


DreamGF AI is a platform that allows users to design and interact with virtual girlfriends. Users can use DreamGF AI to create the appearance, personality and interests of their girlfriend. In addition, realistic character dialogue and interaction bring users a deeper immersive experience. The platform ensures user privacy and security, providing a safe space for users to explore virtual relationships and enjoy detailed and personalized interactions. In addition, the platform provides a free trial generator service. If you are interested in creating characters, you may wish to give it a try.


  • Personalized customization: Users can customize the appearance, personality, interests and other content of the AI girlfriend.
  • Various interaction methods: users can chat, role-play, and send erotic text messages with characters on the platform.
  • Secure and private: Ensure all user interactions and data are securely stored and private.
  • High-quality generation results: The background lighting, angles, etc. of the created character image are very consistent with the real scene.


  • Bronze Plan: $8.99/month (25 unique customized girls, 150 extra images of girls per month)
  • Silver Plan: $17.99/month (60 unique customized girls, 400 extra images of girls per month)
  • Gold Plan: $44.99/month (180 unique customized girls, 1000 extra images of girls per month)
  • Diamond Plan: $89.99/month (600 unique customized girls, 2500 extra images of girls per month)

Intimate.ai: Deep Connections with AI


Intimate.ai is designed to provide users with emotional support and companionship. Although character creation is not available on the platform, the platform does offer NSFW dialogue content, and users are able to develop their social communication skills and emotional intelligence through realistic social interactions with artificial intelligence companions on the platform. Focusing on user privacy and security, the platform only stores users’ basic data and all conversations are confidential and secure, making it ideal for those looking for emotional support and virtual companionship.


  • Special features: Users can improve their social skills during interaction.
  • Emotional support: Provide emotional communication and interaction and provide spiritual companionship.
  • Human-like interaction: Advanced artificial intelligence brings a lifelike conversation experience.
  • Security and privacy: The platform protects all user privacy and no data will be used.


  • Purchase with App

CrushOn.AI: Unleashing Your Wildest Fantasies

CrushOn.AI is definitely a platform that anime fans will like. Here, you can see many well-known anime characters. Select a favorite character to quickly start a role play. Of course, users can also create favorite characters according to their own preferences and attach unique personalities and backgrounds to them. CrushOn.AI provides a variety of customizable characters as well as advanced functions such as message regeneration and editing. In addition, as a platform with a high degree of freedom, it is ideal for users who want to have adult or explicit discussions. The platform provides a safe and private space to explore intimate and personalized interactions, catering to diverse user preferences.


  • Unrestricted conversations: no filters, allowing users to freely expand on any topic.
  • User-generated characters: Create and customize your own AI character set.
  • High-quality conversation experience: Utilize multiple AI models to provide a rich conversation experience.
  • Message regeneration and editing: Ability to modify AI responses to better fit the conversation.


  • Free Plan: 50 messages/month.
  • Standard Plan: $4.9/month or $58.88/year.
  • Premium Plan: $7.9/month or $94.88/year.
  • Deluxe Plan: $29.9/month or $358.88/year.

CuteChat AI: Private and Personalized AI Chats


CuteChat AI provides anime and realistic male and female characters, each with unique characteristics. As a multi-functional platform, CuteChat AI provides users with the ability to customize their own characters and engage in chat conversations with them. In addition, users can choose SFW or NSFW character chat dialogue content to enhance the chat experience and create unique and enjoyable conversations. Of course, the platform attaches great importance to user privacy and security and is a reliable choice for finding virtual companionship.


  • Customizable Characters: Create your character’s appearance, age and personality to suit your personal preferences.
  • High-quality language model: characters can respond vividly to messages, bringing a pleasant and interactive chat experience.
  • Privacy and Security: Encrypted chats ensure user privacy.
  • A wide range of topics: from wholesome chat to NSFW options.


  • Basic use is Free

Soulfun: Emotional and Engaging AI Companions


Soulfun is a sophisticated AI chat platform designed to offer users an immersive and interactive experience with a diverse range of virtual characters. Utilizing advanced AI technology, Soulfun facilitates realistic and engaging conversations, making it an ideal choice for users seeking personalized virtual interactions. Whether you’re looking for companionship, entertainment, or an engaging chat experience, Soulfun provides a versatile and dynamic environment tailored to your needs.


  • Diverse Characters: Over 50 AI characters from gaming, anime, and movies, each with distinct personalities.
  • Engaging Chat Experience: Dynamic and compelling interactions that go beyond text-based conversations.
  • Voice Messaging: Realistic voice messages for a more personal touch.
  • Teenager Mode: Safe chatting experience for users above 13 years, filtering out explicit content.
  • Interactive Storylines: Users’ responses shape the narrative, providing unexpected storylines and plot twists.


  • GPT-4 Turbo: $10.00 per 1M tokens (input), $30.00 per 1M tokens (output)
  • GPT-4: $30.00 per 1M tokens (input), $60.00 per 1M tokens (output)
  • GPT-3.5 Turbo: $0.50 per 1M tokens (input), $1.50 per 1M tokens (output)

NSFW Character AI: NSFW AI Chat and Image Generation

nsfwcharacter ai

NSFW Character AI is a platform focused on the needs of anime fans. The site provides a large number of anime characters. Currently, the number of characters on the site has reached more than 5,000, and new characters are constantly being updated to bring more role-playing experiences to users. NSFW Character AI provides character classification and search functions to help users quickly find their favorite character types. Although it is an NSFW-focused platform, SFW AI characters are also available on the platform. NSFW characters bring the deepest interactive experience to Yonghua, where users can freely explore their fantasies and desires in a private and safe environment.


  • No content filtering: There are no filters on the platform, allowing users to discuss any topic freely.
  • Wide range of characters: Thousands of characters with different personalities and backgrounds.
  • Comes with scene settings: Users can role-play with characters in specific story scenes and experience the fantasy world where anime characters live.
  • Interactive Chat: Realistic, responsive AI interaction.


  • Tokens: $0.99 for 700 tokens, $4.99 for 5000 tokens.
  • PRO Plan: $9.9/month.
  • PRO+ Plan: $14.99/month.

MyAnima.ai: Explore Yourself Through AI


MyAnima.ai is a virtual AI companion. The characters in it are set as empathetic friends. Users can role-play with the characters. Users can emotionally interact with the characters on it and engage in interactive conversations. Improve your social skills and interpersonal skills. MyAnima.ai is available on Android and iOS platforms, and its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities bring a realistic conversational experience, making it a valuable tool for personal emotional development.


  • Unique role setting: A partner who can understand the heart and provide emotional support and encouragement.
  • Goal setting: Roles can better interact according to the provided user purposes.
  • Interactive Chat: Provides friendly chat interaction for communication exercises.
  • Role Play Scenarios: Provides a variety of role play opportunities to practice real-world communication skills.


  • Free Tier: Limited features.
  • Paid Tier: $12.56/month.

PornJoy.ai: The Frontier of Erotic AI Interactions

PornJoy.ai provides a great platform for users to explore their inner erotic fantasies. Users can create different styles of nude images on it and communicate with them. Advanced image generation technology and dialogue models bring a realistic interactive experience. Users are able to create unique and engaging AI girls on PornJoy.ai based on their needs and preferences. The platform emphasizes user privacy and ensures a safe space for exploring private content.


  • NSFW content creation: Easily generate explicit art, images, and videos.
  • Lifelike interaction: Advanced artificial intelligence brings a realistic and immersive experience.
  • Customization: Tailor content and interactions to your preferences.
  • Privacy-focused: Ensure user privacy and provide a secure environment.


  • Free Plan: 100 Images and 20 Messages per Month.
  • Ultimate Plan: $7.99/month (Unlimited Images and Messages).
  • Pro Plan: $4.99/month (500 Images and 500 Messages per Month).


NSFW AI chatbots are designed to engage in adult-themed conversations, using AI to simulate chat interactions that might include explicit content based on user input.

NSFW AI image generators use machine learning models to create or modify images with adult content. These tools typically require specific prompts or parameters to generate desired visuals.

Yes, NSFW AI tools are legal to use but are strictly regulated. They are intended for adult users and must comply with all applicable laws regarding adult content in different jurisdictions.

Many NSFW AI tools, especially chatbots, learn from interactions to improve their responses and customization, adapting to user preferences over time for more personalized experiences.

NSFW AI applications often implement robust security measures to protect user data and ensure conversations remain private. This includes encryption of chat logs and anonymization of user identities.

Yes, ethical concerns include the potential for misuse, the impact on societal norms around explicit content, and the importance of ensuring all AI-generated content is consensual and regulated to avoid harm.

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